Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Market Report Sept 26 2010

Welcome to the Weekend Market Report.

This regular feature is a joint venture between myself and Diann from The Thrifty Groove.

I share my adventures at the Farmers Market, and Diann shares her adventures at the Flea Market.
Here is Troy's report

Well, It was a disappointing day at the Flat Rock market Saturday.

I stayed up late Friday night making jelly, so I would have some of each kind for today's market. I needn't have bothered. I sold one jar, and traded a jar to the egg man for a dozen eggs.

I had a "learning experience" with one batch of applemint jelly. I ran to the store to get pectin, and in my haste I got the kind that is designed for non-sugar sweeteners. I didn't realize it until after I had cooked the jelly, and I was wondering why it wasn't the right texture. It set up with little lumps, almost like tapioca only a bit softer. Important note to self. Use the right kind of pectin when making jelly!

I sold some salt scrub, a bath salt, and some dried herbs, but it was my lowest sales day since I started the salt scrub back in July.

Attendance today was only 156. It started out windy and cool, and didn't get much better. The wind was so bad that I had to take my tent down, even though it was tied down to my truck.

And finally at 2:00 the marketmaster announced that we would all be closing and going home at 3:00.

Not a minute too soon in my book.

I was invited to do two more farmers markets, from now until the end of the season. The regular herb vendor there said he wont be back any more this year, because he is out of product, so I'm hoping to pick up where he left off.

So Saturday was a Bear Market. But Sunday was a better day.

The Redford Township Market is a really nice venue. The building, built in 1962, used to be the library, and when they built a new library it sat vacant, from 2004 until 2008, when it was renovated into an incredible open air building they call the Redford Marquee. The Market there runs from 10-3:00 every Sunday.

The day started off cold and windy, and the crowd was slow, The other vendors were complaining that it was such a slow day, but my sales were almost twice what an average day in Flat Rock is, so if this was a slow day, I can't wait for a busy day!

Jelly continues to be my big seller. I took the cut basil from Saturdays Market, that was too wilted to sell on Sunday, and made a batch of Basil Jelly. It isn't my favorite jelly of the ones we sell, but it isn't bad. I sold three jars of it! four of Applemint, and seven Lemon Verbena and Rosemary.

I sold out of dried Savory. As fast as I can dry it, crush it and bag it, I sell it.

I met a lot of new people, made some new friends, and had a fun day.

Sunday was a Bull Market!

Rocket surgeon that I am, I forgot our camera, so a special thanks to Alex, from All Sisters Bakery, who took some pics with his cell phone and texted them to my e-mail address.

Ain't technology grand?


Here is Diann's Report

Happy Sunday everyone!

Well like I said over on my blog, I had not planned to go thrifting this weekend. But, I did and I was happy I did.

I got the princess 31 pieces of clothing for winter for $3.00! That included a winter coat, pj's, jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts, name it. All in great condition! What was really cute was the little girl who's clothes it was, was there. They had this huge dog kennel cage for sale but, she was using it as a playhouse! Complete with cookies, stuffed animals and crayons and coloring book. The princess and the little girl became fast friends and the next thing I know, the princess is in the dog kennel with the little girl coloring! LOL

Besides the clothes, I got her several games and toys. But, I got me stuff too...of course! Well, I got 3 Christmas gifts that won't be shown due to the people who will receive these gifts read this blog. LOL

Let's see what we got beside the princess items. Oh, before I show you my finds, I am using this gorgeous vintage linen...No it is NOT stealable!! I received this as a gift from an amazing bloggy friend. She saw my post on my love of vintage linens and wrote me asking if I would like some linens that she was ready to part with. Once I picked myself off the floor after reading her email and rereading her email, I wrote back as fast as my fingers could type! Of course she would not accept a dime even reimbursement for postage. The generosity of people amaze me everyday! I am such a lucky woman. Thank you again Adrienne! If you haven't visited Adrienne at her blog Adrienne de Pitera, I hope you do soon. She has gorgeous pictures and shares beautiful things with her readers! Oh, and I will be sharing all of the other lovey linens she sent me in time! They are too beautiful not be shared!!

The details are so lovely!

You know I have a couple of other of these pretty china nightlights. I just love them. Since both of my bathrooms have one in them, I am going to use this one in the upstairs hallway. I got it for $1.00

Don't you love pink glass? Even buying one little piece at a time, I just get so excited to find some at a decent price. And this pretty bowl just hopped right into my pile of yard sale finds!

I was happy to find this larger clear chicken dish because I already have the smaller one. And I was thrilled with the price of 50 cents!

I just couldn't pass up this fairly large acorn dish! The little guy on top was just too cute. And I thought it would be perfect for the Fall sitting on the coffee table with secret surprise treats inside. He was $1.00.

With a few more purchases, we left this fun yard sale. The princess gave her new BFF a big hug before we left. I thought we were going home but, nope, there was a big garage sale sign calling to us! So, we stopped and only got a couple of small things.

The woman of the house must have been a "pig" lover because there were all kinds of pig things at this garage sale! And i bought two of them! LOL

Check out this pair of ceramic? china? pig napkin rings! Too cute!

And I liked this set of 4 pewter pig napkin rings as well.

That was pretty much it at that garage sale. On the way back to our house we stopped at a moving sale. And here are some of the fun goodies I got.

4 Halloween small lampshades. I have 4 electric candles to use with them. They were 25 cents each.

This is one of my all time favorite blue and white china patterns. I already have two saucers and two teacups of this pattern but, I just couldn't resist picking up this lonely little saucer.

And another pretty blue and white china piece. It is a small bowl. I just can't leave well enough alone when it comes to blue and white china!

And finally, a pair of clear square acrylic napkin holders. I just thought these would be fun in many different types of tablescapes!

Well, that was my "no thrifting weekend" LOL

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  1. Troy so glad today was a better day at the Farmers Market. I know you really work hard to get ready for it and then low sales is disheartening! Sounds like you met some nice people and may have a new outlet for herb sales.

    Diann, well for 'no thrifting' you did really good! So nice you found some clothes for the Princess. They outgrown them so fast it is nice to get them for a bargain! I love the pig napkin rings and those really cute lampshades!! Fun!!

  2. Found your Blog when I visited Diann's blog and enjoy reading the market report.I will be back and will become a follower as soon as I post the comment

  3. found your blog, Troy from Diann's.
    We have farmers market here in Brighton and Howell MI. Perhaps next year you would consider us. Brighton is held from May thru Oct on Saturdays, and HOwell is on Sundays. I like your blog and I can relate to not receding. My husband, son and I all lost our jobs in 2007/2008. It has been a rough road, but we are still here.
    Will come back to visit again, for sure.

  4. Diann again you found wonderful buys the pig napkin rings and blue & white bowl are my favorites

    tiramisu392 (at)

  5. Troy, I love your market reports. You give me hope that someday I will follow my dream and this land I have will begin to pay for iteself.
    That open air market blew me away. I have to make a trip to visit.
    I wonder how the indoors is protected in rain and snow but that floor looks rather sturdy.
    Do they hold events there other days of the week?

    Diann, a wardrobe for $3.00!
    The thrift goddesses are so proud of you.
    Of course I would have loved the giant dog cage, but if it did not sell I think it has a new purpose.
    Love the acorn dish. A friend's mom had a similar one in the 60s.