Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday Trivia Tie-in #28 I'm oK!

Welcome to Tuesday Trivia Tie-in, where I invite and encourage everyone to join, with a post about something they find interesting.

My posts are usually about one of the ties in my collection, but yours can be about anything!I only ask that you include some little known information that relates to your topic.

I'm going to cheat a little this week, and maybe in the next few weeks, and combine my Tuesday Trivia Tie-in post with my ABC Wednesday Post. So make sure and visit ABC Wednesday this week and see what others were inspired to write about regarding the letter K.

I am committed to four Farmers Markets a week now, and I don't see myself having a lot of extra time, at least for the next month, until market season ends.

So, I've missed a couple of weeks, I hope the rest of the ABC Wednesday team doesn't get mad at me, ABC Wednesday is all the way up to:

One of the things that I have tried to make sure doesn't suffer as I get busier with other things, is the time I get to spend with Bingo. And one of our "special times" is at bedtime when I get to read her stories.

One of her favorite books is called: What Do You Do With a Grumpy Kangaroo?, by Jane Belk Moncure. Published in 1988, this book talks about different emotions and Tony, the boy in the book has to deal with a kangaroo who is in turn, Grumpy, Happy, Sad, Glad, Mad, Scared Brave, Sleepy, Fussy and Joyful.

She loves the book and I like to read it to her. Nothing calms you down at night quite like a 2 1/2 year old girl snuggled up against you as you read to her.
and of course she has her stuffed kangaroo to snuggle with both of us as we read.

I must admit, I don't know a lot about kangaroos, except that they come from Australia, which brings me to my tie of the week:

This tie, made of 100% Polyester was made in Australia, probably about the same time the book was published.

It doesn't have a date on it, but it has the look and feel of an 80's tie.

And of course, it is covered with small koala bears.

Here is some stuff about Koala Bears that you may not have known:

The Koala is not a bear at all, but is a marsupial, a relative to the wombat:

Koalas have fingerprints, one of the few mammals, (besides primates) that do. Not only are Koala fingerprints distinct like humans, but they look enough like a human fingerprint that they have been known to fool experts.

Koalas, (like some people I know), spend about 18 hours a day sleeping and three hours eating, leaving them two hours or less for other activities. (This may be why so few koalas have blogs.)

Kangaroos are also marsupials, and strangely enough more closely related to kolas than are bears.

So my tie of the week is my Koala Bear tie, and K is for Kangaroo, Koala Bear, and I was going to throw in Kiwi fruit, but my research say that they are grown more in New Zealand than in Australia, so I guess they will have to wait until I find an emu tie...

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  1. I love the title of the book. And the tie is a hoot. Little gold Koalas. Somewhere, hidden in the depths of one of the many boxes around here, are the photos of my 1982 trip to Australia, including one of me cuddling a sleeping koala.
    Excellent post for ABC Wednesday. I've never heard of Tuesday Trivia Tie-in before. Is it really all about trivial neckwear? I'll have to check it out.

    Alberta, Canada

  2. PS -- I also like "I refuse to recede" -- good for you.

  3. I'm loving the K day post, and I have never heard of the Tuesday Tie in Trivia meme before. I will enjoy reading more about it each week. Fabulous K day post BTW. I almost used Kangaroo today too, with a silly little kangaroo story, but, in the end changed my mind.

  4. Odd, but I always hated the cursive K; too much like the cursive H.
    Glad you seem to be better.
    Good post, as usual.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. The tie looks lovely and the book sounds fun! my son would love o browse through that =)

  6. I was hoping someone used kangaroo for the Wednesday ABC. A fun post.

    ABC Wednesday Team

  7. Your handwriting page always makes me smile Troy - I taught handwriting for 25 years as a primary schoolteacher! I have always been complemented on my own handwriting and think it is a shame in this modern world we rely on computers & printing straight from word programs etc.

    Thanks for an informative post - always a joy!

  8. Actually a "K" is that. I have a love for the handwritten word. And hand write my notes and letters.

    I do love email, and the computer...but there is something so personal about giving of yourself in your own hand.

    Love the book, the stuffed animal and your tie is so "Kool".

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post today. I love Koala marsupials...doesn't really have the same ring to it as Koala bear does it? And, only you would have a tie with one of these adorable animals on it!

  10. Lovely post. I never knew that koalas have fingerprints! Something for a detective novel set in that part of the world!
    Cute tie.
    Best wishes,
    of Anna's Adornments
    It's my cat Sara who has posted for 'K' this week. Please visit her here:
    Sara Cat's K-words [abcW7]