Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Market Report

Welcome to the Weekend Market Report.

This regular feature is a joint venture between myself and Diann from The Thrifty Groove.

I share my adventures at the Farmers Market, and Diann shares her adventures at the Flea Market.

Here's my part:

What a disappointing day at the market. It started bad and got worse.
When I got there they put me next to a guy selling barbecued ribs, turkey legs and homemade zucchini bread. He had a big warming cabinet, and he fired up a generator to keep it all hot. So, here is this generator, 15 feet from me, pouring gasoline fumes and exhaust fumes right through my stand, and I couldn't hear anything anyone said to me.

I finally went and asked the Marketmaster if she could do something, and she had him move it back about 25 feet. Swell! The smell wasn't as bad, but the noise was still annoying. I could hear people, and they could hear me, but only if I stood right next to them and we both yelled.

There were two other people selling bottled water today. I guess I should have been more secretive about it, because now I either have to cut my price by a quarter or lose sales.

The crowd was small today, with lots of lookers, and few buyers. And Bingo was tired and cranky, so between her and the generator, I just wanted to scream.
I sold just enough to break even on ice. I had to buy a roll of paper towels and another case of water, so I actually showed a loss for the day.
Next week Generator Man won't be there, But he will be back the following week. I need to tell the Marketmaster that either he, or I need to be someplace different. That was just unacceptable.

Here is a few random pictures of the vendors and very few people visiting.

On the bright side, I had 12 geraniums left over, They wont really be salable next week, we will end up planting them at home, so I gave one to the beekeepers wife.
A few minutes later, he appeared at my stand with a bottle of honey. If I had been out to make a swap, I would never have taken that much honey in exchange for one little plant, but he said we weren't swapping product, we were swapping kindness, and that doesn't have dollar signs, so I came home with a bottle of fresh honey. Yum!

Lots of people liked the Hens and Chicks, but nobody bought one. Diann sold one Tea Kit. I think that we can sell more of those if we can start sampling it. Michigan just passed the cottage kitchen law, so I need to investigate what that entails.

So, it was a Bear Market Day for me this week. But I believe it was a Bull Market Day for Diann.

I'll let her tell you all about it.

Here's Diann's report:

Well, today, as Troy mentioned, was not a good day at the Farmer's Market. Between Generator Boy, the heat, the wind and the lack of customers, nobody at the market had very many sales.

I was pretty bummed because it was the first time I set up my little table.

Friday night we did a little thrift shopping and found the little shelf and the candle holder. Each were a $1.00. I didn't have time to spray paint them but, they didn't look to bad as is. And they worked perfectly for what I needed.

Instead of using a tray for the iced tea kits, next week they will go into a basket. The wind was so high, they kept flying everywhere.

After a while, I headed over to the Flea Market for a couple of hours of browsing. Now, unlike the Farmer's Market, the Flea Market was packed with people. However, as I was looking around, I noticed very few customers carrying packages. As I was looking at one vendors items I overheard him talking to about 4 other vendors. They were all complaining that there was a ton of customers but, nobody was buying anything. Of course, I wanted to scream, "Maybe you should price your items! And price them to fit a Flea market!!" But, I didn't. Instead I looked at a little rusted vanity chair and had to ask how much. The guy said $5.00. I said okay thanks and walked on. I heard the guy tell the other guys, "See, nobody is buying". I probably would have bought it for $3.00 but, the guy just blew me off after he told me the price. Hum, I wonder if that has anything to do with the lack of sales guys?

I came across a lady who had a couple of tables and everything was marked! Holy Cow! I found a pretty little china tray and bought it without even attempting to haggle.

I also found a vendor that had a bunch of odds and ends. However, he also had this set of 10 milk glass cups, a tea pot and matching sugar. Now, he didn't have anything individually marked but, he did have signs on the tables stating, "Everything on this table is...". I can live with that. After a little bit of negotiating, we came to a price we both felt comfortable with and I bought all the cups, teapot and sugar.

I had been there almost two hours and the heat and humidity was so bad, my shirt was totally drenched in sweat, oh I suppose it is proper to saw "perspiration" but, who would I be kidding? I was sweating like crazy!! At that point I was just totally drained so, I headed back towards the truck.

I spotted this mirror as I was walking and stopped to look at it. No price. Arghhhh! They guy from the booth came around and asked if I was interested. Now, I could tell immediately that this guy was not a "regular". He was a guy here for the day or weekend to unload some stuff. I told him I was interested but, since there is no price on it, I am going to pass. He immediately said, "How about $4.00?" That was a pretty decent price. As I was looking at it, I noticed an old frame behind it. I asked how much for the frame. He said, "ummm, well, if you want both of them how about $4.00 for the pair?" I guess since I didn't say any more about the frame, he assumed that I wasn't interested in it. So, I agreed to $4.00 for both items.

This ripped and torn off partly vintage picture was in the frame.

So, that was my adventures at the flea market for today.

I hope you will stop by next week and see what happens!

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  1. I can't believe no one bought the hens and chicks! They were so cute in the cups and I loved the display shelf you found to put them on. It sure did look hot in the pictures! I wouldn't want to be beside the generator man either. That is great to get some local honey from a man! I have a recipe for honey oat chocolate chip cookies with pecans that would be perfect for your honey on my blog under recipes.

    Hope things are better next week! But you did find some great things for yourself!

  2. I hate it when a day just starts out badly! Generator man needs to be somewhere else that is for sure. Everything looked great so that isn't why no sales. The hens & chicks in the cups were very cute. Diann you got some great finds at the Flea Market and honey I say when it's sweat it's sweat!! It has been so humid here you get out of your car and your drenched. Hope next week is better at the Farmer's Market and that honey sounds great.

  3. I'm shocked that no one bought the hen and chicks. They were displayed so nice. I'm going to borrow your idea of the candleholder for my little clay pots of hen and chicks. The guy with the generator should be away from other booths. That would have irritated me to no end.

    Your flea market items are gorgeous, especially the milk glass.

    I don't perspire, I sweat!!! No doubt about it. Perspiration is what you get on your upper lip. Sweat is what you get the other places on your body when it's hotter'n blazes. lol

  4. I can't believe no one bought your hens and chicks either...they were displayed beautifully. I wonder if the generator was as off-putting to the patrons as it was to you?

    Flea market find were awesome...can't decide if that makes the day even worse (money spent not replaced with money earned) or if it balances out the disappointment at the Farmer's Market?

  5. I bought some honey at the farmers market this weekend and it was crystallized -next time I look for a nice bee keeper like your neighbor.
    I had a bad hacking cough and made peppermint tea for it -do you sell peppermint tea mixtures?I had never heard of the kitchen law until you mentioned it. Found an article about it at
    This sounds like a neat law-it will help a lot of people.

  6. Hi Vickie, I've missed your comments on my blog!

    As I am sure you know, honey is the only food in the world that will last for ever and not spoil. If it crystalizes, gentle, slow heat will melt the crystals, just remember, if it is non-pasteurized honey, it has much more health benefits than pasteurized honey does, but if you get it hotter than 150 degrees, you start to destroy the beneficial enzymes in it, so it is best to heat it slowly and gently by placing it in a pan of hot water.

    Last week we sold Peppermint Tea Kits, as well as peppermint plants. We will probably do peppermint again this week, then switch to a different mint for a week or two.

    It was good to see you here, stop by any time!