Friday, July 16, 2010

Now I'm Cookin'!

OK, everybody, It's time to join
Debbiedoos, I Love Livin in the Carolinas
Garage Salen

Where people are encouraged to show off their thrift store/garage sale/estate sale/rummage sale/junk sale/flea market/swap meet finds.

Of course, I like to be different, so while everyone else shows off the cool thing they got for a nickle, I am going to show some of my neat freebie finds.

I just discovered that Debbie is on vacation this week. We could have a party at her place without her I suppose, that way when she gets back she would find empty pizza boxes all over the furniture, but I suppose that wouldn't be very nice.

So, don't head over to her party, but I already posted this before I realized it, so it satays.

I have mentioned before that I am not above a bit of Dumpster Diving, Curb Crawling, or Pile Picking if I see something that catches my eye, and I have shown off a few treasures in the past. They aren't truly garage sale bargains, because I never pay a cent, but they are treasures none the less, and you can't beat free when it comes to a good deal!

So here is another great Find!

Recently, while tossing our trash in the dumpster, I noticed a sleeping bag, all rolled up. Now, generally, even though I know it can be cleaned, bedding is kind of a creepy thing to pull from a dumpster, at least in my book, so I was just going to ignore it, but a little voice told me to look closer. I did and lo and behold, it was rolled up around this beauty:

The sleeping bag stayed in the dumpster, it was in pretty rough shape anyway, so I didn't feel too bad, but this came home with me.

Right now they are selling brand new for anywhere from $59.99 at WalMart, to $109.00 at the big dollar special sportsman stores.

This one looks like it has been used once or twice at the most.

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  1. You the Man!!!! What a find!

  2. I need to find a dumpster like yours!! What a wonderful find.

  3. Awesome, you must some how be related to my husband who finds stuff in the road all the time. Well done...olive♥