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Weekend Market report 7/10/2010

Welcome to the Weekend Market Report.

This regular feature is a joint venture between myself and Diann from The Thrifty Groove.

I share my adventures at the Farmers Market, and Diann shares her adventures at the Flea Market.

This weeks Farmers market adventure started Friday, when I found a nursery/greenhouse having a clearance sale. I picked up a whole bunch of Geraniums for a price too good to pass up, and took them with me to the market today.

It's a good thing I did, because I didn't sell any potted herbs. But I sold about half of the geraniums.

I had 3 different mints, oregano, dill, marjoram, savory, chives, and epazote in pots, and I had apple mint, peppermint, oregano, tarragon, savory, marjoram, sage, and lemon verbena, cut. I sold out of lemon verbena, some savory, tarragon, and apple mint.

I sold a lot of bottles of water, it was a hot muggy day. I didn't sell any rock herb markers, but one woman asked me if I would make her a full set, to match the herbs she grows. She said she would e-mail me her list of herbs. We'll see what happens.

I cut out of the market a bit early so I could head back to the campground. When I left yesterday, I had Bingo's carseat in my truck, and Diann and Bingo were effectively trapped at the campground with no car seat. Not a pretty situation.

If I had stayed the last two hours, I may have sold more water. I have never really sold anything else the last 2 hours anyway.

I made lots of contacts, and spent some time educating people about how to use herbs. It seems like I do more of that than anything else.

Hi Everyone!

It's "Market Report" time!

As most of you know, we went camping this weekend. We are still camping for one more day.

Friday evening Troy drove back home to get things ready for the Farmer's Market Saturday morning. The Princess and I stayed here at the campground. Troy came back up to the campground after the Market yesterday.

So, while he was doing his thing, I was doing mine! Yup, I was thrifting. I went to a thrift store, a yard sale, an Antique Mall, an Amish Store, 3 craft/vintage stores, a consignment shop and a used furniture store.

What's really amazing, is I didn't buy very much at all. Everyone's prices were out of my budget. I saw a ton of stuff I would have loved at the antique mall of course, but I was bargain hunting and not antique shopping. Big difference.

I forgot to take any new pictures at the thrift store. I have talked about this store before. But, I took pictures of the other places. Originally I had planned on showing you everything I bought at each of the stores in this post. But, that would be a pretty big honkin' post.

But, I will give you some sneak previews and show you some of my adventuring now and some later in the week.

Here is what I got at the thrift store.


A Pair of silver candle sticks. I’m not exactly sure what they are made of. Someone tried to clean them and soaked them in some kind of cleaner and really damaged them. I think they were plated and the silver plating came off. I got them for $1.00. They are probably going to be ear marked for a makeover.flea market saturday 041

I know this did not start life out as a cloche, but it will be one now.flea market saturday 040

I just thought this metal plate was so pretty. I haven’t come across a lot of pretty metal plates.flea market saturday 038

flea market saturday 039

As you can see, this pretty plate has some wear and tear on it. The flower design is wearing off on the center part. But, a pretty Homer Laughlin plate for .25 cents is still a pretty little treasure.flea market saturday 036

flea market saturday 037

Our next stop was at a yard sale. Also no picture of the sale. It wasn’t a very good yard sale. Most of the things were way over priced and even then, not much I was interested in. I did find this old Home Interior shelf that was abuse to death! Had it not only been .50 cents, I would have walked past it. Someone put a ton of screws all through it. This shelf will definitely be a fixer upper!

flea market saturday 045

flea market saturday 048

Next came an antique mall. Of course, I was drooling all over the place at all the gorgeous things! Way, WAY out of my range of spending. But, still lots of things to dream about!

flea market saturday 025

flea market saturday 026

flea market saturday 027

flea market saturday 029

flea market saturday 030

flea market saturday 031

flea market saturday 032

flea market saturday 034

Yup, that would be my purse wide open, just dropped right there at a stack of linens! I snapped a quick picture then immediately plopped my butt on the floor and started going through the boxes. This vendor had a bunch of these linens marked 50% off so, I just had to look!

flea market saturday 049

I bought 3 items.

flea market saturday 050 An embroidered dresser scarf for $1.25.

flea market saturday 052

Another pink dresser scarf. $1.50

flea market saturday 053

And an embroidered pillow case. $1.00

flea market saturday 056


flea market saturday 054

I stopped at this cute little shop. Lots of fun things to look at but, I didn’t end up buying anything.

flea market saturday 063

flea market saturday 064

We got there about 15 minutes before they were closing. I would like to have had a cup of tea in the tea room.

flea market saturday 065

After we left his store, we walked to the next one and this was in between the two shops. I thought it was so cute.

flea market saturday 066

Okay, that’s it for today. I will show more of our adventure later this week. As a matter of fact, I think tomorrow will be another post about my day thrifting. I hope you have enjoyed spending a little of my day with me!

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  1. I really like the rock markers and hope someone will buy some. Glad you had some sales and also that you headed back with Bingo's car seat!! These hot days a lot of water sold I'm sure!

  2. Diann you have done it again! Wonderful scores especially those linens. I would have plopped my butt down next to you and gone through those with ya! Next time maybe!! So glad you are enjoying your camping trip and but still not neglecting your if!

  3. That green transferware is gorgeous...sure it was out of my price range, too!
    You could always spray paint the candle holders, Diann!

  4. love the floral plate as well as the linen. It looks like there were a no. of places that would be fun to check out. happy camping.

  5. Oh my! I was drooling just over the pictures. I saw many things I'd love for my home. La