Friday, July 9, 2010

Are You Sitting Down?

OK, everybody, It's time to join
Debbiedoos, I Love Livin in the Carolinas
GaRage Salen

Where people are encouraged to show off their thrift store/garage sale/estate sale/rummage sale/junk sale/flea market/swap meet finds.

Of course, I like to be different, so while everyone else shows off the cool thing they got for a nickle, I am going to show some of my neat freebie finds.

I have mentioned before that I am not above a bit of Dumpster Diving, Curb Crawling, or Pile Picking if I see something that catches my eye, and I have shown off a few treasures in the past. They aren't truly garage sale bargains, because I never pay a cent, but they are treasures none the less, and you can't beat free when it comes to a good deal!

So here is another great


A recent visit to the dumpster yielded me several “Treasures.” Some of them got claimed before they even made it to the camera zone.

A milk crate filled with several nail pouches, filled with nails, an old leather tool belt, a carbide tipped table saw blade, a work light and a few other odds and ends for the tool bin, was quickly pulled from my truck when I went to show off my finds, and now resides in my Father In Law’s garage.

The neat thing about sharing my treasures with him is, he gets to store them, but I can still use them whenever I need them. It’s a win/win situation. Just seeing his eyes light up when he saw all the nails was worth it.

Two boxes of assorted glassware and dishware made it as far as our home, where Diann promptly claimed them, you can see a pic, and read what she did with some of them by reading her post here.

My part of the treasures consisted of two big flower pots,( one of them also already claimed by my lovely wife for a project, You can see her post here)

several pieces of chain, some with tow hooks on them,

and 9 folding chairs.

I tried to find any information I could about these chairs, I am sure they are old. Based the workmanship, and style, I’m guessing late 40’s to 50’s. But I can’t find any info. If anyone knows anything about folding chairs, please feel free to share.

There are six of one style, old, solid oak chairs: At one point they belonged to the Knights of Columbus

and 3 of a newer style, not quite as solid, and not quite oak, but still cool chairs.

They all fold up flat:

And, like all dumpster dive finds, you can’t beat the price!

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Be sure and join me each Tuesday for Tuesday Trivia Tie-in, where readers are invited to share trivia and show off their treasures.
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  1. I am telling you that I have never seen anyone dumpster dive like you! That box of glasses that Diann took..oh yea, tools for the Father in Law...and cool, oh so VERY cool wooden folding chairs! WOW! Love them all. I bow down to you dumpster diving genius!

  2. Troy you are unbelievable with your dumpster dives...and I have to say I love your announcement and opening to my party...I feel like a ROCK star...hence the folding chairs..yes yes people need those to take a seat and stay awhile:) I know nothing about those, except I would not mind them at all! They are super! Thanks for joining in, I love your participation. Debbie

  3. Just visiting from debbiedoos party! I guess I'm not looking in the right dumpster!! Great finds! This is my first visit and your title grabbed my attention. I'm with you and Dave!

  4. Visiting from Debbiedoos I have got to find myself a dumpster, i love those chairs, but I don't know anything about them!!


  5. Troy, I like your blog and your attitude! The folding chairs are a terrific diving find!

  6. You are so right when you say that you can't beat the price!! Free!! Music to my ears!!


  7. Great finds! Here in SC it is against the law to dumpster dive. But that's only if you get caught, right? We have convience centers now and I have seen some great stuff in the dumpsters but the attendents will not allow anything to come out once it's thrown in! Bummer!