Sunday, July 4, 2010

Introducing Market Report

I am excited to introduce a new feature of my blog, the Weekend Market Report:

My very favorite blogger, Diann, from The Thrifty Groove, will be teaming up with me for this weekly feature.

I will be reporting on my adventures at the Farmers Market, and She will be reporting on her adventures at the Flea Market.

Guest Bloggers are always exciting, but when it is someone like Diann, it is doubly exciting!

So be sure and check back each Sunday for our Weekend Report.

I'll start things off with the Farmers Market Report.

This week I took fresh cut Oregano, Savory, Tarragon, Apple Mint, Peppermint, Marjoram and Sage. I sold some Peppermint, Savory and Apple mint. Not a big week for fresh cut herbs.

I took potted Garlic, Oregano, Peppermint, Spearmint, Apple Mint, Savory, Sage, Dill, and Chives. I almost sold out of all three mints, coming home with only one of each. Didn't sell any Dill, or Chives. I sold several mint plants to a local Chocolatier. Also been working on a trade with a couple of local gardeners for some different herbs.

Bottled Water continues to be popular, I am the only one there that has it. But it takes at least 20 lbs of ice to make it through 6 hours in the sun.

My painted rock plant markers got lots of comments, but no sales.

We had a new vendor today who sells farm fresh eggs. I was going to work out a trade with him, but he ran out of eggs.

Several of the big vendors have been pulling out early each week, leaving all us little people scattered around with empty space between us. We asked the group that sponsors it if they would consider moving all of us little people together so when the big vendors move, we aren't stuck out in the middle of nowhere, since we aren't allowed to leave early, unless we run out of product. We'll see what happens.

That's about it for the Farmers Market. See you back next week!

Hey everyone! It's me, Diann, The charming wife of Troy. Okay, so I am at least his wife! We decided to do a little weekly combo post over here at I Refuse to Recede. I will link it from my blog, The Thrifty Groove.

Since Troy started spending his Saturday's at the Farmer's Market, and the princess loves to spend some time over there as well, I have been dropping her off for an hour or two with Troy while I go hit the local outdoor flea market and maybe a couple yard sales. So, while he reports on the Farmer's Market, I will be reporting on the Flea Market! Oh Boy! Dual Reports!

I talked a little about this flea market last week on my blog, but I will give you just an overall feel. It has been around for at least 30 years and is just an outdoor market where you can rent a rickety table and sell your stuff. Now, for the most part, you have a lot of old rusty tools, car parts and good old fashion junk.

I happen to like good old fashion junk and grubbing around in boxes of mystery things. But, with all thrifting, it is hit and miss. Yesterday was a big miss for me.

First of all, I don't understand why the vendors seem to start packing up for the day at 1:00 pm. That is just crazy to me. So, when I got there at 2:00, over half of the people were gone or were packing up. And yet, there were cars coming in pretty steady to look around. So, that would be my Pet Peeve #1 for the day.

Pet Peeve #2 is ....Hello people!! This is a Flea Market, NOT an antique store!! This is a big JUNK sale, don't try to sell me a small set of old salt and pepper shakers sitting next to an old tire iron and hubcap for $7.00!

Pet Peeve #3 is.....PRICE YOUR ITEMS!! I don't care if you have a sign on a table that says, "all items $1.00" just price them in some manner! If you don't price it, I walk past it! I don't want to spend my time asking what each and every items costs and then have to play the haggling game. Price it, then I can decide whether I want it for that price or if it is worth it to do a little haggling.

These same pet peeves apply to yard sales!

Here are a few pictures of the flea market today.

I walked away only buying one little .50 cent glass item from a guy who was packing up to leave for the day. But, at least his things were priced! And priced at flea market prices!. Here is my little flea market find for the day.

I did stop at three yard sales on the way back to the Farmer's Market. The first one, nothing of interest to me. The second one I got a few things. Well, I only bought one item but, walk away with some freebies the woman gave me! Here is what I got.

I bought this huge heavy glass "cookie" jar for $2.00.

And then I was going to buy these items. They were all marked .25 cents. I need the little various pots for some things I am working on for next week's Farmer's Market so, I was thrilled with 25 cents for 16 small terra cotta pots. But, the folks at the yard sale said all these items were free. Okay dokey!

I just love that old vintage tray! It has some serious rust issues but, that is okay with me.

And the third yard sale I stopped at had lots of cool stuff. However, most things were not priced and the things that were priced were insanely priced! After looking at all the things, the seller yelled over at me and told me she would make me some good deals on some of her stuff. She told me that she brought a bunch of her antiques back from her booth to sell in this yard sale but, she just left the antique booth prices on them. No wonder she wasn't selling anything! I would have walked past these items with these prices at the antique booth as well!

So, my entire flea market and yard sale adventures cost me $2.50 today.

I hope you come by next Sunday to see what kind of new adventures we had at the Markets!

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  1. Troy first! Sounds like you are having a good time and selling some herbs at the Farmers Mkt. I think you are making some good contacts also! I love you rock markers! that little green dish and that rusty little tray is so cute! I hate when things are marked but will still shop sometimes. That's how the finds from my last post were $4 for all I put in that box!!
    I like this combo post! Great new feature!!

  2. Troy.
    Your right - the farmers market should put all the small vendors together.

    As fantastic as they are. You know why you didn't sell a single one of those herb stones. Because YOU INSPIRED Every one passing by and commenting on them to make their own. You've certainly inspired me!

    And Diann,
    I am so envious of your finds. FREE ones too. I especially love the cookie jar. The flea markets or boot markets as they are called in Scotland are just not the same. I'm always concerned that some things are stolen, rather than someone clearing out their attic or shed. And even then, not often a bargain.

    Anway, fantastic post by the both of you. I'll def. be back for more.