Friday, July 2, 2010

Debbiedoos -- Dumpster Diving Delights.

OK, everybody, It's time to join

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Where people are encouraged to show off their thrift store/garage sale/estate sale/rummage sale/junk sale/flea market/swap meet finds.

Of course, I like to be different, so while everyone else shows off the cool thing they got for a nickle, I am going to show some of my neat freebie finds.

I have mentioned before that I am not above a bit of Dumpster Diving, Curb Crawling, or Pile Picking if I see something that catches my eye, and I have shown off a few treasures in the past. They aren't truly garage sale bargains, because I never pay a cent, but they are treasures none the less, and you can't beat free when it comes to a good deal!

So here is another great Find!

Any trip to the dumpster is an adventure around here. I often take the Little Princess witrh me, in fact, if she knows where I am going, she asks to come along. Her reasons are generally different than mine. She likes it when we see raccoons or cats, or even the occasional skunk, skulking around the dumpster, I on the other hand am always amazed at the things people will throw away.

Living in a townhouse complex, means that people will often come in on the weekends after cleaning out their garage, or after a yard sdale, and dump their unwanted things in our dumpster. It cleverly saves them the $10 fee they charge at the landfill.

Before I tell this story, I have to tell you about "Bingo."

Our little Princess, loves the song about Bingo. In fact she will sing it over and over again for hours, long enough to make Diann and I seriously insane. But at least she sings the whole song now. At first it was just "Bingo was his name oh" over and over.

Well, a few months back, we were at a restaurant and the waitress asked our little darling what her name was. With a straight face, she looked right at her and said "My name's Bingo." We laughed about it, but since that time, when anyone asks her name, that's what she answers.

So, From now on, when I talk about her on my blog, I am just going to call her Bingo. It's easier to type.

Anyway, a recent trip to the dumpster made both my eyes and Bingo's eyes light up.

Someone had thrown a perfectly good red wagon into the dumpster.

These pics were taken right after I pulled it from the dumpster, so it was still a bit dirty, but that was all that was wrong with it.

It has seating and seat belts for two, but Bingo calls the fold down portion of the front seat her "trunk" and she hides things under there.

Bargains are bargains, but free is always a good price!

Be sure and watch this space, because I have a whole bunch of other dumpster dive delights to share in upcoming weeks!

Please and join me each Tuesday for Tuesday Trivia Tie-in, where readers are invited to share trivia and show off their treasures.
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  1. I cannot believe that someone threw that away!! What a find!

  2. You and Bingo (I will have to get use to that but its cute) sure did find a great wagon. I love the seat belts. Amazing what people throw away! I know she is a happy little Princess (couldn't resist).

  3. That is unbelievable that someone threw this out! Love it, I am no stranger to garbage fact the last time I attempted it, my younger son almost died..he thought I was stealing, and cried and screamed and said please Mom don't do he knows it is totally legal to do:) Thanks for joining in on my party, so glad you did, look forward to more! Debbie. Have a safe holiday.

  4. How cool is that! BINGO! YOU WON!!!

  5. I'm so glad your princess, I mean Bingo, got such a great treasure!

  6. I lived in an apartment for awhile and furnished my sons whole first apartment from the dumpster! People are moving and they just don't care!

    Great find


  7. Awesome find! Found you on Debbiedoos!

  8. Great find! Worth the dive.

    Stopping over from Debbiedoos!