Monday, April 19, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Truck Cover

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My Thrifty Secondhand find of the week? Well, first let me show you my little white truck.

We have had it few years now, but it's in great shape, and it's really good for running around.
I can haul stuff, but still get decent mileage, so my truck is nifty and thrifty anyway.

The Princess calls it, appropriately enough, The White Truck, and she loves to ride in it, instead of our F150, because it only has one seat, so she gets to sit in the front, next to me.

Well, having a little truck, as other truck owners may have discovered, means that people who walk by have tendency to throw things into the back. We live in a townhouse and , more than once, a neighbor has decided that they don't want to drive to the dumpster with their trash, so they just throw it into the back of my truck.

Yeah, I know, I said some bad words and complained to the management, but it didn't really solve the problem, although when I tore a bag open and found some mail with a name on it and took that to the management that seemed to help a little bit. But I wanted a more satisfactory long term solution.

So, I have been keeping my eye out for an inexpensive way to deal with this problem.

We have a black Tonneau cover on our other truck, and, although I'm not terribly fond of it, I do like the fact that it covers the bed. So I thought I'd try to find something like that.

Well the other day I was reading Craigslist and I saw an ad for a Gem-cap cover. It said "free to the right person". I figured that must be me, because I tell Diann, I am always right.

I answered the ad, and the man said he just wanted to make sure it would go to someone who would use it and not to someone who just wanted it to resell.

Friday Morning The Princess and I went for a ride, (about 50 miles) and picked it up. The previous owner was going to tell me how to install it, but he had all the parts in a plastic bag, and had forgot how they worked, so he ended up helping me figure them all out and install it, to make sure it worked.

So here it is, and although it is a different color, it is in great shape, just has some dirt on it.

New this top sold for $775.00. That was in 2005. I couldn't find any pricing for a used one to see what the fair market value today would be.

But nothing beats FREE when it comes to Thrifty. Even at 100 miles, (4 gals gas $2.79/gal), I got a heck of a deal!

OK, Now run over to Coastal Charm and link your own thrifty nifty, and to A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words to link your fabulous finds, and be sure to join me today and every Tuesday for Tuesday Trivia Tie-in, where readers are invited to share trivia and show off their treasures. Today I am showing off my maple leaf tie.

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  1. You are so right that is one thrifty find! I know this will help keep trash out of the truck. Oh and I like your white truck!

  2. Well hello Troy, I love your 'free' truck cover. Craig's List is very useful from what I read and I have never visited there. I think I will!! smile.

    Enjoy your great find and be sure princess is belted in.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  3. That is sooooo NEAT - I guess you WERE the right person for the truck lid! What a wonderful gift, eh? Bet you're loving it!

  4. Troy, you were blessed!! I've never had anyone throw something in our lil truck...crazy!! How rude. lol What a great solution to your pbl and the man was blessed to know it was appreciated.

  5. I'm sooooo glad that you found that they can dump their own trash! Thanks for coming to my PAR-TAY!