Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ABC Wednesday Challenge - N

It's ABC Wednesday again, and this week, the letter is

I had a hard time coming up with anything to write about this week for the ABC Wednesday Challenge. In fact, I had contemplated just posting a blank post, titled, N is for NOTHING, and posting pictures like this one:

But I thought that would be NEFARIOUS.

I did a search for "words that start with N", and I came up with such words as NOSE-PICKER, NARCISISM, NARCOTIC and NICOTINE, all words that left me slightly NAUSEOUS.

Then it hit me. This little voice in the back of my head said:

"Hello... McTroy... Can you spell D... U... H...?"

So, my N post for the week is about NECKTIES.

I am kind of odd. NOBODY who knows me would believe that, I keep it hidden, but it's true.

I actually like to wear a NECKTIE. Does that make me a NERD? Or NOT?

Well, either way, I have somewhere in the NEIGHBORHOOD of 120 NECKTIES, Ranging from NICE to NOVELTY. In Fact, each week, I feature one of my NECKTIES in my Tuesday Trivia Tie-in post, where everyone is invited to write a post about something they collect, or enjoy, and add some fun background information about it, then link it up to my blog party. I choose to write about my NECKTIES, but everyone else is free to write about anything they choose.

I have featured quite a few fun NECKTIES so far:

NOBODY knows the true origin of the NECKTIE. As with all things unknown, theories abound, and they are as widely varied as NECKTIE patterns themselves.

Among the various theories of NECKTIE ancestry are:

A band of cloth that was worn around the NECK to prevent the collar of the underlying garment from becoming excessively soiled. In the "pre-laundry-facility" days, a strip of cloth could be rinsed, or discarded much more easily than a tunic or blouse could be washed.

A wide swatch of fabric worn at meal times, as a sort of bib, again, to prevent the soiling of the front of the shirt. Or, conversely a swatch worn on formal occasions to hide the soiling and stains from mealtimes.

A symbol of class, rank or station. Often a military symbol used to designate or differentiate between armies, or assignment therein.

Since there is no way of knowing which one is correct, the NECKTIE wearer of today is left to choose whichever one suits their own fancy, or make up a NEW one of their own devise. In fact, I challenge each person who reads this post to leave a comment, detailing a possible origin, serious or fanciful.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the NECKTIES you can expect me to write about in future weeks:

I'd like to invite everyone to come back on Tuesdays and link a post they have written about something they enjoy that includes a bit of background information.

Please take some time to check out what others were INSPIRED to blog about this week, at

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  1. Well I like your N, but I will be back to read your story....Computers...blessing and curses!

  2. that was so interesting... had never given a thought to the origin of neckties!!

  3. Interesting as always Troy. My question where do you store your ties? That is a lot of neckties my friend! Isn't it funny how some letters are easy and some just stump you and then the big
    D U H! hits and it was there all along? I will have my N post on Thursday(and it won be neckties...lol).

  4. Wonderful collection of neckties, and your reasons for wearing the necktie are very original and creative, - we see less and less of them here in our rural valley, - I guess farmers don't spill things on their shirts, - or if they do don't feel inclined to hide them with Neckties.....

  5. The late husband of our Queen Beatrix once famously took off his tie as a symbol of freedom!
    I do like your ties though and if you like wearing them: why not? My dad also wears them quite a bit and I myself usually wear one to work (I am female), since the scarf-type thingy is awful!
    Looking forward to more neckties!

  6. What a fun post! Your "collection" looks to be quite eclectic, and definitely not traditional. Posting "Nothing" would have been funny. I think I like your sense of humor. Thanks for visiting my place and leaving a comment.

  7. You always have such a NICE collection of NECKTIES, but I think of them as NOOSES.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. You sure have such a big collection of ties! do you wear them daily?

  9. that is one amazing necktie collection!
    nice N post.
    : )

  10. What a nice collection! Most men look cool wearing neckties, I bet you do too!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  11. Heavens above, that IS a lot of neckties!! I think my husband has three! LOL!