Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Favorite Feb 14, 2010 - Bumper Cars Anyone?

It's Sunday and time for Sunday Favorites, where Chari, from Happy to Design allows participants to share an old blog post with readers, while still taking Sunday off, by reposting an old post.

Years ago, as an over the road truck driver, I collected a few thoughts and stories from my journeys and travels. In my Sunday Favorites posts, I am sharing some of those stories.

I know it's Valentines Day, and I should post a Valentines post, but I don't have any old Valentines posts.

So, first of all I want to wish everyone a:

Even if you don't "Do" Valentine's Day, please take a minute today, to say "I Love You" to the people you love.

With the fine weather we have had this week, I thought maybe a wintery post would be appropriate;

This one was written some time in the winter of 2002-2003.

Bumper Cars Anyone?

I've driven on all kinds of terrain, and in all kinds of weather. Up hills and down, across flat plains, and rolling hill. Through green farmlands, grey deserts, and white snow covered meadows.

I have nothing personal against the people of Illinois, but given the choice, if I never drive in Chicago again, it will be too soon.

I remember one night, driving through Chicago in a snowstorm. Chicago isn't called the Windy City because of a hamburger franchise. The wind was whipping snow across the road, ice was forming everywhere, and the roads were slicker than bacon fat on a hot griddle.

As I approached an on ramp, Somewhere on the I294 toll road, I saw a car coming on to the interstate. I eased off my speed a little, to give them room to merge safely, and as soon as space opened up in front of me, some yokel from the next lane to my left cut into that space. He reached the center of the lane about the same time as the oncoming car. They bumped once and slid apart. The car on the left glanced briefly off of the car in the next lane, and bounced back into the lane in front of me, where he hit the oncoming car again. At this point, traffic was only going about 25 miles per hour, because of the heavy snow, so this all played out in front of me in slow motion. The two cars jockeyed for position for a few moments, then they both settled into the lane, and resumed driving down the road. I know for a fact that there were at least 3 cars involved in this incident, and not one of them stopped.

Maybe it was just a bad day, but as far as I'm concerned, I'd rather go to Disneyland If I'm going to play Bumper Cars.

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  1. Hello Troy...

    Ohh my gosh...that must have been a scary incident! I can just imagine it playing out in "slow motion" before your very you said. Hmmm...bumper cars in Chicago during a snowy winter's day certainly isn't my idea of fun either! Hehe! I can't believe that not one of the three cars even stopped! Totally crazy!!! Bet you were glad to be out of there!

    Well my friend, thank you so much for sharing this interesting story with us for Sunday Favorites today! I'm just elated to have you join in with the fun again this week! Also..thank you for the Valentine's Day well wishes...the same to you!!!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Happy Valentines' Day..

    What a scary and crazy story..

  3. Crazy driving! I've seen it also! Yikes! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Diann! Thanks for an 'interesting' post on V Day. I was hoping to see another Valentine TIE! he he

    Linda @ A La Carte

  4. It's hilarious the way you tell it Troy although I know it couldn't have possibly been while driving it. Scary but also probably funny to think back on - some people are just idiots on the road and never look to see if anyone might already be where they want to go.

  5. Dear Troy who refuses to recede, but whose hairline does it at an alarming rate:

    Hehehehehehehe - - - I FOUND your answer to my question and it made me LOL.

    Happy Valentine's Day, and I LOVE YOU - - - in all the appropriate bloggy land kind of ways.

    Keepie DaNiece

  6. Ditto to Keepie DaNiece! (LOL) Scary driving scene! We're in culture shock ... warm weather vacation .. AND tomorrow we're really going to Disneyland:) I'll ride Mr. Toads Wild Ride and think of your near misses on the freeway! We have air you can see ... gunshots heard at night .. freeway noise .. and will so much more appreciate our quite mountain home when we return.