Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ABC 4.2.8 L - Lots of stuff

OK, Here it is, ABC Wednesday time again. This is the day to join in the ABC Wednesday Challenge, and share a little bit of our world with friends all over the world, and learn about them as well, one letter at a time. You can participate too, in either the sharing, or the learning, or both, by visiting ABC Wednesday,Where this week, the letter is

Tuesday I gave a LECTURE on Herbs at the Michigan State Extension Office. It was a pretty basic presentation for beginners. I covered all the standard herbs that Beginners should consider...

Basil: An annual used in Italian and Mediterranean cooking. Easy to grow, very aromatic.
Chives: The smallest member of the onion family. Easy to grow, attractive purple flowers.
Dill: A self seeding annual, grows up to four feet tall. Dwarf varieties are available for tabletops.
Thyme: A small perennial good for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Many varieties available.
Rosemary: A perennial, grown as an annual in cooler zones. Great for patio containers.
Oregano: A fast growing perennial used in Italian and Mediterranean cooking.
Marjoram: A smaller sweeter member of the Oregano works great in tabletop gardens.
Mint: Easy to grow, but be careful it can be aggressive if you don’t keep it under control.

But as I spoke I kept thinking about all the fun herbs that I have wanted to experiment with and just havent had the time.

I want to LEARN about a few more, so this year I hope to add: LEEKS, LOVAGE, LAVENDER, and LICORICE to our garden.

Is it coincidence that those herbs would come to mind as we approach the L week for ABC Wednesday?

I dont think so...

I think it's Karma.

Anyone have any tips on growing any of those four? I'd LOVE to hear them. Otherwise it's time to hit the books and LOOK things up.


  1. I know you are ready to get you garden going! Hope you have warmer days soon. hugs, Linda

  2. Lots of spices!

    Please come and see the Lamborghini at my page.

  3. I have no idea, but I do have Simon & Garfunkel's Scarborough Fair stuck in my head - but where are Parsley and Sage?

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Lavender! My favourite! I use to have it on my balcony (in summer), unfortunatelly it dies during the winter. I live in a wrong country :)
    A great and refreshing contribution regarding "L"!

  5. Oooh, licorice -- be sure and tell us how to grow it. I have only grown lavender -- not too hard to do!

    HelenMac, ABC Wednesday Team

  6. Really interesting! I love basil, fennel, and cilantro! Getting hungry just thinking about them.