Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ABC 4.2.8 K

OK, Here it is, ABC Wednesday time again. This is the day to join in the ABC Wednesday Challenge, and share a little bit of our world with friends all over the world, and learn about them as well, one letter at a time. You can participate too, in either the sharing, or the learning, or both, by visiting ABC Wednesday,Where this week, the letter is

It appears as if, once more, I am tardy to the party.

I always start out the week with the best of intentions and then sometime late Wednesday I realize that those intentions must have been used to pave the proverbial road...

When I was a KID, every few years we would get KNITTED House Slippers from my mom.

We wore them until they wore out, then a year later we would get a new pair.

About the time I got in Junior High, it went from a once in a while thing to an annual tradition, and she has made each of us a pair of slippers every year since then.

The family has grown, significantly, so while she only had 6 pairs to KNIT in 1970, when I was 5 and she was 36, she KNITTED 63 pairs last year, when I was 45 and she was 76.

Every kid, grandkid, kid in law, grandkid in law, and great grandkid gets a pair.

She has already started KNITTING next years slippers. She has to KNIT at least one pair a week all year long and double up on some weeks to get them all done by Christmas.

Every year she tells us that she probably wont make them any more, and every year we hold our breath, hoping this wont be the year when we don't get them anymore.

I asked her this year if, when the time comes that she just cant keep up with demand anymore, she would make me a miniature pair to use as a Christmas Tree Ornament. It would be an heirloom ornament that would last for generations.

So, as they wear out, which they are bound to do, we have come up with creative solutions.

In 2008, I got a black pair,
and in 2009 I got a blue pair.

Since I walk heavier on one foot than the other, one side always wears out long before the other. I am hoarding my 2010 pair as long as possible before I break it out and start wearing it, so I am making my remaining slippers last as long as possible.

The pair I currently wear looks like this.

You will note that, while she used to make pom-poms for all her slippers, she has started crocheting "laces" and tying them in a bow. She says this saves about 30 minutes per pair. No big deal until you multiply it by the 65 pairs she is making this year (crossing my fingers that she makes them.) **One more marriage one more birth since last year.

So although they may look funny, I wear my black and blue slippers with pride and comfort.

Each and every stitch is KNITTED with a Mother's Love.


  1. Wish I could knit some days...or better, that someone would knit FOR me!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Wow. What a wonderful tradition. What a great mom! I wish I could do this. My daughter knits...maybe I'll tell her about this. I also think your Christmas tree ornament is a great idea. Thank you for this warm fuzzy feeling I have leaving the post.

  3. Wow! Funny - I walk heavily on one of my feet too! Shame we don't share the same shoe size - we could make a pair from the ones which don't wear out!
    Great post Troy.
    Denise ABC Team

  4. Very thirfty Troy to use the unworn out slippers together! I had an Aunt that made us these slippers for many years. She is gone now and no more slippers. I hope you get slippers for many more years! hugs, Linda

  5. What a sweet story. I like your idea of having a mini pair to save.

  6. Your love for your mom is evident in this post. I also like the way you mixed and matched! I wish my mom had been the crafting type...

    Found you at ABC Weds, and here is mine:

    Peace and warm tootsies, Amy Barlow Liberatore

  7. I also love the name of your blog and the intent behind it. I am an old hippie, an activist from the age of 12. I can be pretty stubborn when the cause is right!!

  8. What a sweet mom and now we know where your stick-to-it-tiveness comes from. Never give up.
    I love your idea of the miniature slippers for the tree. I will admit that I am thrifty in similar ways - wearing different socks around the house or in my boots. (Who's going to see or care?) Maybe you can even return your worn slippers for her to make the ornaments from reused yarn?

    Happy Anniversary!