Thursday, February 24, 2011

ABC 4.2.8 F

OK, Here it is, ABC Wednesday time again. This is the day to join in the ABC Wednesday Challenge, and share a little bit of our world with friends all over the world, and learn about them as well, one letter at a time. You can participate too, in either the sharing, or the learning, or both, by visiting ABC Wednesday,Where this week, the letter is

I am going crazy! Last week we had FINE FABULOUS weather. The sun was shining, it was warm outside, and I started to get excited.

I can't wait to get FLOWERS planted. To get Herb Seedlings started, to get going on the garden.

But the FINE weather, was FALSE. It was FICKLE.

FAIR weather was FOLLOWED by FLURRIES, and FINALLY by snow.

So, here I am All ready to start FARMING, wanting to get started on the FARMERS MARKETS, and it's going to snow agaon this weekend.

Anyone know another F word that comes to mind???


  1. A lot of fine F-words here!
    Makes me long for spring!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's ABC-F and AT-T: Tooth-Faerie

  2. Oh yes, it likes to tease us, mean weather.

  3. The weather in Albany is most FOUL! Happy your experience is FINE.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team