Saturday, January 1, 2011

I need your input

I have been asked to do a presentation about Herbs at the library in a few weeks.

I can talk for hours and hours about herbs, and never run out of things to say, although I may bore you to tears first. But I only have 60-90 minutes.

So I need some input.

If you were attending a presentation about herbs at the library, what information would you expect, or want to hear?

What would you like to know?

What would you rather I left out?

I really want to share valuable information with my audience. I need your help deciding which information is of the most value.

Please either leave me a comment, or drop me an email at and share your thoughts with me.

Thanks a bunch!


  1. I would want to know about growing herbs, which ones are good for cooking and the health benefits. That's pretty basic for me. Not sure this helps.

  2. the different ways they could be used: eating and health. What herbs are good with what food, what works well together.. I"m going to have an herb garden this year :) Also, how to store them