Thursday, December 2, 2010

ABC Wednesday Challenge -- T

It's ABC Wednesday again, and we are all the way up to:

That's right, T. You would think that would be an easy one for me... I'm TARDY for the party, and am posting my ABC Wednesday post on THURSDAY, Does that count?

Had this been a week earlier, we could have all TALKED about our THANKSGIVING plans. THE TURKEY, the TATERS (sweet and mashed), the TOMATO TORTELLINI, and the THREE TIERED TROPICAL TOAD TORTE... (OK maybe we don't all have the same foods on THANKSGIVING), but alas, THANKSGIVING is done and over with.

Although I have to add here , that those who want to see or read about our THANSGIVING meal can find an excellent review of the meal and the dishes at my favorite bloggers blog: The THRIFTY Groove, where the lovely and TALENTED Diann TELLS all...

It's sad really, that we only have one daya year when we are allowed to be THANKFUL... but who am I to stand in the way of a federal holiday?

I really should at least mention TARRAGON, (French not russian, of course) or THYME, again, I prefer French over German or Common).

But T is so much more than THAT...

T, is for TOMORROW, and also for TODAY, both days that we still have the ability to TAKE control, to do THINGS that need doing...

and of course, T is for TROY....

THANKS for TAKING THE TIME to read this...

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  1. That's allright Troy. I am even more tardy than you!
    Nice post, at any rate.
    Sara Cat
    Sara Cat's ABC-Wd-rd7-T

  2. Troy... tardy for the party....that's a really bad song by one of the Atlanta Housewives of TV fame, no shame(I was right the firs time). Funny post though and Diann's description of your Thanksgiving made me hungry all over again.

  3. Toad torte - yum! (Yeah, right.)
    Better tardy than not at all, TROY.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Hi Troy THANKS for another TERRIFIC post with lots of THEMES AND TANTELIZING T words - T is for Troy with a big T for THANKYOU!

    ABC Team