Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winner! Winner! Winner!

The fine folks of the selection committee at agreed to hold a special meeting on a holiday weekend, in order to review all eligible candidates and pick a winner for my $35 CSN Stores Holiday Giveaway.

At just minutes after midnight last night, the committee convened.

They cleared the leftover pie and Wild Turkey from the big table in the conference room, and laid out all the applications.

Then, using whatever secret methods they use, they carefully reviewed each application and made their selection.

When I saw multi colored smoke rising from the chimney, I knew they had chosen, so I unlocked the big doors and let them out.

They each filed past me, and as they passed, they each nodded solemnly to indicate that they agreed with the decision. The last one out the doors was the chairman, with a silver tray holding the winners information....

OK, maybe it didn't happen quiet like that, It just sounds so much more official if I say it like that.

Regardless of the actual process though, has selected a winner:

And the winner is....

Sherry from Country Wings in Phoenix

Sherry has a fun blog, where she shares little glimpses into her life as she works to bring her country roots to her home in the city.

Congratulations Sherry, and thanks to everyone who entered!


  1. Hi Troy...
    Oh thank you and what a nice compliment on my blog. I so love blogging and meeting new friends and enjoying blogs from all over the world. I am so tickled to win this giveaway.

    Getting sick in May, spending 10 days in the hospital (5) in ICU and, losing my voice permanently has been a real struggle for me. What little I have left, I have to really struggle to push air out to make sounds. I love blogging because here I have a voice, and nobody judges me as they do in the real world.

    I was so drawn to your blog, not because of the giveaway but because you too have had to make adjustments in your life to move forward and find your way. I am so thrilled to meet you, and I can't wait to see what you continue to share as time goes on.

    I have always wanted an herb garden and you my friend are going to help me get there. It is a road I have SO wanted to travel. Many thanks to you new friend. Many thanks.

    Thank you again for the wonderful giveaway, but MOST of all thank you in advance for the many questions I will have trying to start an herb garden.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  2. Congrats to Sherry! I am so happy for her! What a wonderful sweet lady she is!

  3. congratulations (ya, I am late and disorganized) to Sherry!