Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuesday Trivia Tie-in # 29. Leave Now!

Welcome to Tuesday Trivia Tie-in, where I invite and encourage everyone to join, with a post about something they find interesting.

My posts are usually about one of the ties in my collection, but yours can be about anything! I only ask that you include some little known information that relates to your topic.

Fall is in the air, so I wanted to feature a tie appropriate to fall.

This tie is 100% imported silk, designed by Viaggio. I wanted to find some information about Viaggio, but wasn't real successful.

So instead, lets talk about leaves.

How many people think that leaves just die, and fall off the trees at this time of year, raise your hands...

Aha! Guess again!

According to this fascinating article, I found recently on an NPR site, leaves do not fall gently, but are actually thrown off by the tree. This is the time of year when the tree develops a series of cells at the base of each leaf which work to force the leaf off of the tree.

Why does it do this? Because leaves are filled with water, and when it gets cold, they would freeze and die, so the tree, in order to preserve it's own energy, gets rid of the leaves, the most vulnerable part of itself, before it gets too cold. That way it isn't keeping a bunch of useless cells around.

It's kind of a "fall cleaning."

Like trees, maybe we should use fall as a chance to go through our lives and our homes and throw out the things that will just drag us down and use up all our energy all winter, without any benefit.

As always, special thanks to Diann, for having such amazing seasonal decor around, so I alwasy have a festive and appropriate backdrop for my ties.
You may have noticed the pumkin floral arrangement that we got from the Farmers Market, or the white pumpkin gourds that grew in our compost bin in the pics.

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  1. Troy I really love this tie and your sweet wife's decorations! Have a wonderful week. I'm going to take a short break from Tue Trivia (hope you understand)! Hugs, Linda