Friday, September 17, 2010

I think I'm back...

Wow what a week! Every once in a while it seems like a week like this comes along to remind me that I'm not 21 years old any more, and I can't do the amount of things in the amount of time that I could when I was.

Everything seems to take longer, and there just aren't as many hours in the day as there were back then.

I used to be able to go all night without sleeping, and still function the next day.

Now, I feel like I could stay in bed all day and still manage to sleep that night!

But I think the worst is over, I only got about 1/2 the things done I wanted to get done, but we ae thinking about escaping for a few days to get a new perspective. Hopefully we will get home refreshed and energized.

Peppermint, that's the herb that energizes, bring on the peppermint. Anyone have any mint chocolate chip ice cream? Maybe some mint brownies? Peppermint Schnapps?

Oh well...

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  1. Glad you are back! Hope all is well. I had a busy week but not like yours!!

  2. Oh I love mint. Especially chocolate mint. In fact I fully intend on planting a garden just to maintain and contain a load of mint for my enjoyment.
    I fully understand what you are speaking out regarding the mind is willing but the body is weak. I fight this each day as I make lists of things I want to accomplish and yet, it seems so much for this one body anymore.
    Glad you are hopefully back with us friend!