Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Market Report August 28 2010

Welcome to the Weekend Market Report.

This regular feature is a joint venture between myself and Diann from The Thrifty Groove.

I share my adventures at the Farmers Market, and Diann shares her adventures at the Flea Market.
Here is Troys's report

Well, I managed to make it back to the Farmers Market this week. I was not sure how it would go, I haven't been feeling up to doing a lot, but I hated missing out on the potential sales.

I felt like a drug dealer this week, as I sat at the table, measuring dried herbs out into little baggies, and weighing them. I just knew any minute the door was going to fly open and Starsky and Hutch were going to come flying in and confiscate all my herbs.

But I managed to make up some packages of Savory, Sage, Marjoram, Dill, Oregano and Chives.

The Market master told me I could come late and leave early if I had to, but I know that most of the sales in this market are in the first two hours, so I wanted to get there on time.

Good thing I did. I had a repeat customer there waiting for me, and before I even had my booth set up she had made one of the biggest purchases of the day. She loved the salt scrub and came back for more, and since I was running a "3 for" special she bought 3! Then, since she was there, she bought some dried herbs too. Only problem was, she paid with a $50 bill and so I was running tight on change for a while.

One of my next customers introduced herself, and I am glad I watched the news recently, because when she told me her name, I was able to identify who she was, our local State Representative. We talked a bit about herbs she bought some dried herbs to cook with, and she invited me to her next Coffee Meeting, where they discuss local issues.

It was fun to be able to give her one of my cards when she gave me hers. Something about having a business card just makes you feel more legit.

I didn't set up the tea table this week. It was all I could do to just set up one table. But I sold a little bit of everything I had: Dried herbs, fresh herbs, salt scrub, milk bath, and bottled water. I made a few dollars more than last time, making this my best week so far.

The produce guy hasn't shown up the last two weeks, and the dog food guy wasn't there, so I was kind of on my own way down on the end. This hurt business a little bit, because a lot of people would walk down the main row, then look over at my single both standing out there and decide they didn't want to walk all the way over there for one booth.

The crowd started off good, but by 1:00 it was down to a few stragglers, and at 2:30 when I decided to go ahead and start packing up, I hadn't had a customer for over 30 minutes.

I did one final sale at 2:45, just as I was getting everything packed up, and when I left at 3:00 there was nobody there but vendors, no customers.

It was a good day, and although I was sore when I got home, it was good to be able to go and feel like I was making one more step back to normal life.


Diann has been so busy trying to take care of me and Bingo, that she ran out of time and didn't make it to the flea market this week. But she will be back soon, I promise!

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  1. Troy so glad you were able to get to the Farmer's Market this week. Good that you made some sales but even better that you are getting back to some things. Hope you will continue to heal and feel better each day.

  2. Troy,
    Glad you got to go -sometimes just staying busy helps a little- if you can that is. It's great that people are beginning to notice your business and starting to come just for you.
    Hope you feel better this week.