Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time Off

Well, It's been an interesting weekend.

Friday Night, as we were getting ready for the Market on Saturday, a storm, hit, tornado warnings, sever thunderstorms, the works. A little while later the power went out, and looked like it may be a while.

We decided, that since we couldn't do anything,, we would head to the camper, so we threw a few things together and headed out.

The power came back on some time on Saturday, So, at least the food in the freezer will be ok when we get home, but we will be out of the loop for a while.

They are working on a new wifi system at the campground, so we have to go on an adventure whenever we want to get online.

So, There will be no Market Report today, and no Tuesday Trivia Tie-in this week.

I hope to be home in time for ABC Wednesday.

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  1. Enjoy your camping trip. Glad all is ok and that your power came back on! See you later in the week!

  2. Enjoy your vacation. Thank goodness the freezer is working!