Monday, March 1, 2010


I know a lot of my readers read Diann's Blog, The Thrifty Groove, but just in case someone missed it, I just want to make sure and tell you all about the cool giveaway she is doing.

Since this is her one year blog anniversary, she is doing exciting things all month, so if you aren't following her blog already, you probably should, but this giveaway is especially cool.

She got these recently, and not really being into dishes, I told her what I often say when she shows me a new dish. "Those would be good filled with M&M's". Of course, anything is good filled with M&M's. But when she created a table using these I was actually impressed by how nice they looked.

Of course, I can't win, which is too bad, because I have an exciting giveaway coming up myself this week, and I wish Diann could win mine. But, alas, it just doesn't work that way. So, since I can't win, the next best thing is for someone I like to win.

So, if you want a good place to put some M&M's, or just want some cool plates, you can read about it and enter here.

And while we are on the subject of Giveaways,

Linda at Coastal Charm has a wonderful giveaway going on. Two very lucky readers will each win a real live $20.00 bill.

Imagine how many M&M's you could get with that! I bet I could fill up almost every dish on Diann's next tablescape with M&M's.

Or I suppose you could buy other things with it as well. You can read all about Linda's Giveaway and enter here.

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  1. I swear, you see M & M's in EVERY type of item that might possibly hold at least 2 M & M's!....."Troy, look at this cute little tealight holder!"......"Hey that would hold just the right amount of M & M's and fit perfect in the cup holder in the console of our truck! Great thinking and great find Diann!"

  2. M&M's look great anywhere - my hubby loves them - esp the peanut "EM-ies"! Next to "Breakfast Sticks", they're one of his favorite treats!!! Thanks for letting us know about the plate drawing - I MUST WIN!!!

  3. OK Troy I wondered where you were heading with the M&M's but now that Diann explained it, well it makes 'sense' in a guy kinda way. See you tomorrow!

  4. Troy,
    Thanks for posting about my giveaway and party...I hope to have the party up and running tonight...wish me luck...I think I might need it:)