Saturday, March 6, 2010

Check This Out!

A while back, I talked about Karyn at CanDarbry Garden, who makes the most unusual and amazing things from old shopping bags.

The time and patience to make someting like that are beyond me, but she takes it one step further and actually takes the time to make them not only functional, but also very attractive.

Well, Karyn is having a giveaway and one of her lucky readers will win one of her handmade bags!

Now, I intend to win so I can get an Easter Basket for our Little Princess, but ya'll can feel free to enter, just as long as you let me win.

Check it out and enter here.

And remember, you have until Tuesday to enter my giveaway:

Read about it and enter here!

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  1. I hope you do win! What a sweet basket that would be for the Little Princess!!

  2. Hey Troy!

    That sure is a cute idea! I throw away so many of those bags that it is just awful. I did buy some of those shopping bags that I use most of the time but I don't want my meat and things like that in them so I end up with the bags from the store that I toss because they had meat or chicken in them!

  3. I used to know someone who crochet some Easter Bunny dolls out of the plastic grocery sacks - they were used for center pieces at a nursing home. They were about 4 foot long all together, and wore dresses and bib overalls made of the different color plastic crochet - maybe that lady can make you an Easter Bunny too! NEAT!