Monday, February 15, 2010

Troy's Tuesday Tie Trivia #5

Welcome to Troy’s Tuesday Tie Trivia. This feature was inspired by an incredible deal I got on ties at a local indoor flea market.

You can read all about it here.

I got a little bit of razzing last week, for posting my Valentine's Day tie in a romantic setting. You can see that post, and the related comments here.

I promised to do a more "Manly" Tie this week. So, here we go. All of us know what last Sunday was right?
That day that we look forward to all year. A chance to spend some time with our true love.
That's right it was the NBA All Stars game. And in honor of that Game, this weeks tie is my NBA Tie:

This tie was designed and Copyrighted in 1994, and has the team logos from that year.

Many of the team logos are different now some of the team names have changed, and a few new teams have been added.

My tie, made by Surrey is an officially licensed NBA Product, and still has the NBA tags attached:

I found a couple of these for sale on Ebay and Bonanzle. With Shipping, one would cost somewhere around $17-20

Mine was at a thrift store. The price?

And now for some NBA Trivia.

Dr. James Naismith, is known world-wide as the inventor of basketball. He was born in 1861 in Ontario, Canada. Basketball was born in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The first game was played with a soccer ball and two peach baskets used as goals.

Originally Dr. Naismith had 13 rules, today, the official rule book is 70 pages long.

The NBA or National Basketball Association was founded in 1946.

The New York Knicks defeated the Toronto Huskies 68-66 in the very first NBA game on November 1, 1946. Any fan taller than Toronto center George Nostrand (6'8") got free admission.

In 1996, to mark their 50th anniversary, the NBA compiled a list of the 50 all-time greatest players. One person on that list, Shaquille O'Neal is still active today.

Since the first game, in 1951, the All-Star game has matched the best players (based on fan and coach ballots) from the Eastern Conference against those from the Western Conference.

The 2010 NBA All-Star Game was played on February 14, 2010, in Arlington Texas. NBA officials expected a crowd of 90,000 which would be the most people ever to attend a basketball game.

Expectations were exceeded when 108,713 people saw the Eastern Conference defeat the Wesern Conference141-139.

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  1. Officially a cool tie! I think that's a pretty darn good price!

  2. I love that tie! What a great bargain and fun tie to wear to those manly games!! Have a great week!

    Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by the man table blog. I'm glad I found your blog Now I can learn to grow my own herbs...never tried and never bought them - too expensive (fresh anyway).

  4. Wow, now that I've had this shot of manliness, I think I'll go eat a leg of roast beast for breakfast, wipe my face on my sleeve, and burp out loud! thanks Troy

  5. You have some cool ties!!! Nice collection, but you still need a chicken tie! Say - read this post by my Blog-iversary Winner -

  6. ???hey, I liked the valentine day tie post ! :)

  7. It’s amazing how many people watched the NBA All-Star Game! When you consider that the previous record for attendance at a basketball game was 78,129, the All-Star Game attendance exceeded this number by 30,584. In terms of a percent, the game’s attendance beat the old attendance record by 39.15 percent. Truly remarkable and mind-boggling!

  8. What an interesting post on ties. You really have a nice collection. Thank you for taking the time to visit my little place.

  9. That was a great thrift store find for you and the Color Carnival... :)