Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ABC Wednesday -- F

It's ABC Wednesday again, and this week, the letter is F.

F is for Fond memories…

As a kid, I remember on Friday nights during the summer, my Father would get home as early as he could. We would throw some things in the truck and head for the Forest.

Few things could compare with sitting in the shade at the side of the lake with our Fishing Poles, a line in the water, watching our Floats and talking about all sorts of things.

My parents had eight kids, and during the school year my Dad worked two jobs, so any one-on-one time any of us got with him was rare. Fishing with my Father was Funny, He cared less about the Fish he caught than he did about the experience, so even a Fishless trip was never a Failure.

Other weekends, the whole Family may go or, I would get to invite one of my Friends to go camping with us.

Sometimes we would wrap the Fish in Foil and cook them in the Fire. Other times My Mom would use a Frying pan.

Few things can beat a Fillet of Fish, dredged in Flour and Fried to a beautiful golden Finish.

But For a healthier alternative to Frying Fish, Try broiling it.

This Fish recipe turned out absolutely Fabulous!

Fond memories, Family, Fishing, Friends, Fish… These are the Finer Things in Life.

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  1. Fun, Funny and FABULOUS F post!

  2. I love fish but have never fished them. Only my younger brother is into fishing and he would bring his own family on a fishing trip over the weekend.

  3. What a fun post for the day, Troy! We did some fishing when my kids were little, but it's been a long time so this was a really fun look back for me! Have a great week!


  4. oh i like your post! so sweet and nostalgic. I want my hubya nd son to go fishing as well someday :)

    hope you can visit my entry here http://thepinkzest.blogspot.com/2010/02/dubai-fountain.html

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! It had only been posted about an hour, so you were quick. I thought I would have a quick look at yours as I am on my way to bed. I LIKE it! Colorful, interesting and easy to read. I will come back and visit again.

  6. I love your attitude. I read your header about Dave Ramsey and stuff, I love it!!! What a lovely story you have here. Sounds like you had a great family and a wonderful dad. ~

  7. One of our favorite fish is the rainbow trout.

  8. Dear Troy,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my f-post.
    After the word "feline", I really think that the word "fish" is a good choice for this challenge. But all this yummy food is making my tummy rumble!
    Sara Cat

  9. So many F's ! and it was hard for me to find ONE word, lol !

  10. Troy, great fishy post! Love your header!

  11. Troy! Wonderful post, I forgot the tie project, please give me a reminder next week, got busy cooking! lol!

    Thanks so much for contributing! Denise (ABC Team)

  12. Ummm yum...fresh fish cooking over an open fire. Good memories for me too. Love this post and the happy feelings it brought.

  13. My grandpa was the fisherman in the family.

    But we used to go to W.T. Grant's every Friday for fish.

  14. Hi Troy, nice to come back for a visit! My 8 year old loves to fish! I never heard of boiling it...sounds healthy though!

  15. Exactly. These are the finest parts of life. I'll check the broiled fish recipe, thanks!

  16. Troy, your fabulous posts frequently tickle my funny bone.

  17. I just adore childhood stories and this one of your fabulous dad is just super. My son (who is 15 now) likes fly fishing for trout - he actually goes with a friend's dad who is really good at it up at Mammoth Lakes. Really a great post. I'll check out the receipe.

  18. Actually Troy, I am a damn Yankee as they say here in the South LOL!!~ I am just trying to fit in, cut a girl some slack!!~