Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ABC Wednesday Challenge -- C

It's ABC Wednesday again, and this week, the letter is C.

This caused me considerable consternation.

Contemporary cuisine?

I could concoct some curried chicken and chive canneloni.

A crock of canteloupe consomme?

Chorizo and cheddar chimichangas, with cilantro.

But, being conscious of the cost of such complicated creations, I cancelled those concepts.

I could have covered current climatic conditions, (cold),

or the clean clothes I carried to the closet, (cumbersome, commonplace chores).

But upon closer consideration, I concluded that a cleverly constructed composition could be a cannier choice.

Let me see.... What begins with C?


C is for
Cheetos and Cold Coca-Cola and
Cheesecake with cherries & cookie crumb crust

Chocolatey, creamy filled, coconut cupcakes
And cute cup of chai topped with cinnamon dust.

C is for Calories, calmly consumed
Composing this catchy campaign

And community center where cardio classes could
help me to counter the gain.

Please take some time to check out what others were inspired to blog about this week, at ABC Wednesday, and feel free to add your own blog to the list as we work our way through the alphabet.

I Refuse to Recede was brought to you today by the letter



  1. My sweet tooth has just gone totally wild!! What fantastic captures of all those delicious chocolaty, treats and others as well! Now I'm starving for something sweet and how am I going to sleep????? Terrific post for the day! Betcha I find something before I go to bed!!


  2. Oh, thanks husband of mine!
    You made a cheesecake tonight,
    not a good time!
    Tomorrow I have a doctor to see
    Who is gonna be mad at me.
    When I step on the scale
    I know I will go pale
    I'll look at the numbers and think "why Me?"
    All because you wanted something that starts with "C"!

    (sorry, that was the best I could come up with since you and the princess wouldn't stop playing the hokey pokey!)

  3. Wow, isn't it amazing you can come up with almost every c-dish that I don't like! Apart from the chai, but that might have more to do with the fact that I don't know what it is. ;)
    Great post though.

  4. well troy, I think just gained 10 pounds reading this!

  5. I am a bit hungry now after reading this post

  6. Also, On behalf of the ABC team, thanks for participating.

  7. Captivating look at lots of calories! Just found your blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. I love your stance on boycotting the recession. It makes so much sense. And i was really putting a lot of thought into that until you distracted me with all kinds of food. I actually only "fell" for one item, but now I really want it. Where do I have to go to get those coconut cupcakes with the creamy chocolate filling? Sigh.

  9. wasn't really craving anything until I got here! clever concept!

    since you asked, I got here via ABCW.

  10. Craving. Yes! Yes! Now I am craving, too.

  11. Also 'C' for Cruel!!

    First you're taunting me with all those delightful calorie-filled treats, then reminding me about the treadmill upstairs in the spare room!


  12. Troy, your posts always leave me with something worthwhile.....knowledge, laughter, awe, pleasure, lots of things. Your curiosity and your tenacity to follow up on it just amaze me! thanks for the visit, and thanks for your blog!