Monday, August 31, 2009

I'd Like to Thank The Academy

I was recently nominated,
by Jane at The Thrifty Countrywoman,
for the prestigious, elite and coveted, though not necessarily publicized
Superior Scribbler Award.

It is with great, (ahem) and humble, humility that I (ahem) humbly accept this great honor.

Seriously though, I started blogging, mainly as mental therapy, to keep my mind occupied, so I could avoid thinking about important stuff. It was a chance for me to "run and hide," mentally, from the stress of everyday life. So I am flattered that the articles I post may have any additional value to someone else.

In accepting this award, I in turn, am allowed, by the rules,
(which you can read about here) to nominate five bloggers that I feel are "superior scribblers".

So, I would like to nominate, at this time, For the Superior Scribbler Award, the following bloggers: (drum roll please...)

~*~ Sue, at A Corner Garden , whose pictures remind me on a regular basis, that there is beauty all around us, if we would just stop for a moment and notice it. ( (I also like playing "Where's Waldo" watching as her dog Heidi moves around her pictures.)

~*~ Stephanie at Keeper of the Home, whose philosophies on life are so practical that I often find myself nodding along as I read her articles.

~*~ Amber at The Fruit of Her Hands whose attitudes about Home, Family, and God, closely reflect those that I was taught as a child.

~*~ Vickie at Gardening in Lower MI whose regular posts, showing her gardening successes, but also the things that did't grow quite as well, help me to remember that every plant does not have to be a county fair prizewinner, to still have a successful garden.

~*~ Theresa at Garden Fresh Living, whose light hearted approach to blogging, doesn't quite mask her serious approach to gardening.

So, I want to thank Jane for this honor and congratulate Sue, Stephanie, Amber, Vickie and Theresa. Their blog efforts are not going unread or unappreciated.


  1. You deserve the honor! Thanks for introducing me to some new interesting blogs.


  2. You deserve all the honor-you have given me so much information about herbs. I now I humbly thank you for nominating me it so nice of you.

  3. Your words make me feel very good, and I thank you for them. I love blogging, and I'm glad you like reading and looking for Heidi in the photos. I want to accept the spirit of the award, but I'm not good at thinking of other people, so I have a dealy on my sidebar explaining that I don't participate in awards and such.

    Thanks again for your compliments,

  4. Wow! I leave on vacation for a few days and come home to an award! Thanks so much for the kind words and the nomination!