Sunday, December 9, 2012

Will You Help?

Hello Friends,

When the news first came out about the horrific way Lia was taken from us, so many of you asked if there was anything you could do to help.

At the time all we could do was ask for your love, your support and your prayers.

But with a hearing scheduled for the 21 of December, on our Motion to Stay Judgment Pending Appeal, we are now in a position where letters to the judge may help. If you feel like you can do so, we would like to invite you to send a letter to Judge Hubbard, asking her to do the right thing. Her information is below.

Also, please feel free to pass this along to those in your email list who you think may be willing to help. Our goal is for Judge Hubbard to be aware of the many, many people out there who are paying attention to this case and watching the way she handles it.

If you need a refresher on the details, the easiest thing to do is read Diann’s Blog post of Nov. 15. You can read that here:

Below is a sample letter. Many of you have said that you would write something but are not sure what to say. This letter says everything that needs said. Of course, an individual letter from you will mean more than a copied and pasted version of our sample, but this may get you started. Just make sure that you include the case number and the case title Huffaker v Haning, on your letter, so it gets to the right file.

Thanks again for your friendship and support.
Troy & Diann.

Here is Judge Hubbard’s contact information.

In writing to Susan Hubbard, or calling her office it is very important that we refrain from using any offensive or abusive language, and of course anything that might be implied or construed as a threat would be inappropriate.

Hon. Judge Susan L. Hubbard
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center Room 1507
Two Woodward Avenue,
Detroit MI 48226

Hubbard, Susan L. (313) 224-5183
Sample Letter

The Honorable Judge Susan L. Hubbard
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center Room 1507
Two Woodward Avenue,
Detroit MI 48226
RE: Case # 09-112217-DC. Huffaker v Haning

Dear Judge Hubbard,

On December 21, 2012, you are scheduled to hear a Motion to Stay Judgment Pending Appeal on the above referenced case.

As a reminder, this case involves a four year old child who was raised by her grandparents since she was an infant.

On November 12, 2012 an order was issued by your court taking the child away from the only home and family that she had ever known and placing her in the custody of two strangers to her, both of whom testified in your court that they have mental health issues, and one of whom testified that he had been forced to give up a previous child due to a child abuse conviction.

I am asking you to take the opportunity, on December 21, to do the right thing, and return this innocent child to the only home, family and security that she knows, and in doing so to protect her from the danger of being left home alone at nights with a convicted child abuser, while her mother is at work.

Granting the Motion to Stay on December 21, would allow this little girl to be back in her home by Christmas, and enjoy the holidays with the family that she knows and loves.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.



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