Monday, October 11, 2010

Market Report 10/10/10

Welcome to the Weekend Market Report.

This regular feature is a joint venture between myself and Diann from The Thrifty Groove.

I share my adventures at the Farmers Market, and Diann shares her adventures at the Flea Market.
Here is Troy's report

It was a nice weekend, as far as the weather goes. In my pics, you can see the bright sunny weather at each of the markets.

You can also see the lack of people there.

All four markets were slowing down, as we reach the end of the season, but the first three were all at least worth going to.

Thursday I had to leave Wyandotte early so I could get to my class. I am taking the Master Composter Class from the Michigan State University Extension Office. I am not sure what a master composter is, but I definitely want to be one...

Friday at Taylor, I had a good day. It was the first market weekend of the month, so I got to see Food Stamp Tokens for the first time. The market management has a program where they accept food stamps and issue tokens that people can then spend at our stands. We turn them in and get a check in the mail. I had never seen them before, and now all of the sudden this weekend I got a whole handful...

Saturday was a good day at Flat Rock, I actually sold out of several products. Dip mix, Ranchers Blend and Farmers Blend dry rub, Peppermint and Lemon Verbena Salt Scrub, and only had five jars of jelly left when I left, so Saturday night I was up most of the night making stuff, so I would have something to sell on Sunday.

I needn't have bothered. Sunday at Redford was terrible. I only had seven sales all day, and I was grumpy and cranky from only getting a couple hours of sleep, so it was a pretty miserable day.

But by going to all four markets this month, I have managed to get my foot in the door. I want to keep it there, so I will finish the season at all of them, even if I have bad days.

We only have one day left at Taylor, Flat Rock and Redford. Next weekend is the last week for them. Wyandotte goes through until the end of the month.


Here is Diann's Report

Diann and Bingo spent the weekend sneezing, dripping and otherwise feeling miserable. Maybe it was from the cold at last weeks adventure, or maybe it was just a reaction to our bizarre weather, but either way, she won't be joining us this week.

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  1. Hey Troy glad to see you had some sales anyway! Hang in there because I know next year will be fantastic for you! Hope Diann and Bingo are feeling better now.