Monday, June 14, 2010

Tuesday Trivia Tie-in #16

Welcome to Tuesday Trivia Tie-in.

Having received some less than flattering feedback on my previous Tuesday Trivia Tie-in Logo, I have decided to play around with some new ideas.

The old one apparently was too bold and bright and glaring, so I tried to tone it down a little.
Early feedback on this one indicates that perhaps it places too much emphasis on ties, and not enough on trivia.

Although my posts are generally about one of my ties, I invite and encourage anyone to join, with a post about anything they want, I only ask that you include some little known information that relates to your topic.

It has come to my attention that I need a logo that says, "I'm a Manly Man," but does it without offending anyone, that has a broad appeal to both genders, and that fits my concept of Tuesday Trivia Tie-in without being obviously about ties.

So, I am looking for additional feedback on a new logo. Any ideas suggestions, or feedback, criticism, constructive or otherwise, will be taken into consideration as I redesign this feature over the next little while.

Now, for this weeks post.

Although Summer officially starts on June 21, for me, and most people, summer all my life has been measured by the school year. This week was the end of the school year here, and marked a significant point in our lives. Our nephew graduated from High School. This makes the first of that generation in Diann's family to reach that age, and it was kind of a time for reflection, wondering what happened to that blue eyed freckled little boy, and where that young man came from.

It was also a chance to celebrate, and so we all went out to dinner.

My tie this week is the tie I wore that night, picked because it represents relaxation, summertime, and taking a break.

It is a 100% silk tie from the Tropicals Collection made by Tango.

I accessorized it with a Swank, 10K plated jade inset palm tree tie tac, that I bought in an estate sale lot on eBay.
(I still haven't got the knack of taking a clean crisp close up picture, I really just need to have Diann take all my pictures for me, hers always turn out much better than mine.)

And now for some various trivia that seems relevant:

US Department of Education estimates indicated that they expected 55.5 Million students to graduate from High School this year.

Most of them will have done so to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance, a song written in 1901 by Sir Edward Elger, to be used at the coronation of King Edward VII. It was first played at a graduation in 1905, when Elger, the composer, received an honorary doctorate from Yale. It wasn't long before everyone was using it.

The square cap worn at many graduations is called a Mortarboard, because it resembles the board bricklayers use to hold mortar at working level and avoid repetitive bending when building walls. The mortarboard is generally believed by scholars to have developed from the biretta, a similar-looking hat worn by Roman Catholic clergy

Never got a grip on penmanship,
could never make the words just flow
Seldom got the trick to arithmetic,
two plus two is four
But ask for some Palm Trees,
and tales from the South Seas
And I just might turn round your head.

~Jimmy Buffett

OK, now it's your turn. Share your treasures, and some associated trivia. Be sure and link to your post and not just your blog.

I'm looking forward to seeing your posts.


  1. I'm afraid this week's group of pictures has a lot of blurry ones included. I had a little girl flinging herself over the table I was using and then trying to pick up the items I was taking pictures of.

  2. I really like this tie!! Makes me yearn for a beach and a tall cool one and oh yeah Flamingos!
    I like the new logo but it is heavy on the 'ties' still it says you to me. I must admit the older button is bright!