Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Favorites Feb 7, 2010.

Chari at Happy to Design has a feature called Sunday Favorites. It allows participants to share an old blog post with readers, while still taking Sunday off, by reposting an old post.

Years ago, as an over the road truck driver, I collected a few thoughts and stories from my journeys and travels.

At one point, I put them into an AOL Journal, then when AOL discontinued journals, I moved them into a blogger file where they have sat dormant.

I thought maybe, on Sunday Favorites, I would share a few of them.

My first one, was written some time in early 1999. I don't have an exact date.

But here it is:

Where Do They Go?

It was a sunny, brisk February afternoon as I drove Eastbound on Interstate 80 through Nebraska.

For as far as the eye could see, in every direction, there was nothing but
rolling hills, grass, and utility poles. On my right, alongside the
shoulder of the freeway ran a barbed wire fence. Parallel to it,
about 15 feet further in was another fence. Between the two were two
ruts worn in the grass, obviously made by farm implements on their way
to do whatever it is farm implements do in the grassy fields of

Suddenly, far off in the distance I saw them, eight black specks,
stretched out in a row between the two fences. As I got closer, they
got bigger, and I soon recognized them to be cattle.

They were rangy, a nondescript breed, mostly black, but with a few
white markings. They were walking at a brisk pace, all in a line down the
lane, in sort of a bovine game of "follow the leader".

I looked in the direction they were headed. There was nothing but more ruts as far as I could see. A glance in my rear view mirror did not reveal where or why they had started this journey. Yet they walked on, oblivious to the traffic rushing past, a mere 30 feet away.

I couldn't help but wonder as I passed them. Where are they going?
What is there at the end of the rutted lane that would motivate them all, not one,
but eight cows to all walk down the lane, not stopping to taste the
morsels of green grass, or to scratch their thick necks on fence posts,
but pursuing with some strange dedication their unseen goal?

I thought how often we walk down life's pathway, our goal so far out of
sight as to seem unreachable at times, yet never wavering from our

Do we, like the cows, simply plod along, chewing our cud, with no
notion of what lies ahead, just following the equally clueless
cud-chewer in front of us? Or are we motivated by an unseen goal
joining with others, as we all pursue the same final destination?

I wanted to ask the cows, "Where are you going? What do you hope to
find there?" But alas, as they were traveling at the speed of cows and I was
driving much faster, I was unable to do so. And so, as I watched them
disappear in my rear view mirror, I realized that I would forever

Where Do The Cows Go?

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  1. I loved this..if you have more stories like this..have you thought of publishing? You're a very good writer and I will look forward to the next story..thank you for posting it.

  2. Were they milk cows heading to the barn for milking time?

  3. What a beautifully written post this is. I could picture the cows making their endless journey to no where just as you described. You are very talented.

    My husband is a trucker as well. Now he drives locally and is home every night. I must say though that I miss his long hauls and being able to travel with him to see all the sights. Even if as you said, it was endless stretches of fence posts, highways and telephone poles.

  4. Great post...I wonder where they were walking to...maybe it was milking time for them...Hope you have a GREAT Sunday...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. That's a wonderful story.
    Whenever I come to your blog, I always find something interesting and inspiring. Thank you and have a great week!

  6. Great story Troy. I'm with you - where DO the cows go besides jumping over the moon.

  7. I am a city girl through and through so I can't tell you where they were heading.
    I can tell you that once while my husband was driving past a farm with a "not too bright" friend of his they saw the cows quickly heading in one direction.
    The "not too bright" friend said "it must be branding time.
    Duh...yes the cows are so anxious to run back to the barn to be branded. What a putz.

  8. I ran into your blog when reading comments on Fertilizer Friday and thought "Ah a guy, what does he have to say". And.......I really got a kick out of your musing. I live in Nebraska and grew up on a ranch and I never ever gave it much thought about the cows other than amazed that they always followed the same path until it was beaten into the ground. Then to put that walk to our lives.........Great Insight!!

  9. Hello Troy...

    What a great post, my friend! I have to tell you that I am just a few miles south of I-80 in the northeast corner of Colorado. I have traveled I-80 going east across the state of Ne. many a time! Lots and lots of farmland to be seen! Hehe! I live in a rural area...well to be quite honest...way out in the "sticks"! Hehe! I'm surrounded by farmland and cattle ranches and have often seen that long line of cows traveling to...God knows where! I think that your cows were traveling to their watering hole! Just my take on your story! I really enjoyed reading your well written and very entertaining, my friend! I'm so glad that you decided to join up with Sunday Favorites and share it with us! I'm looking forward to hearing more of your trucking adventures!!!

    I do apologize at being so late to get by for a visit but I was enjoying my visit with daughter and grandchildren here from Texas! Thank you again for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites...I hope to see you again!!!

    Have a wonderful week...
    Chari @Happy To Design
    PS...Ooops, where are my manners? I also would like to say "Welcome" to my Sunday Favorites was so very nice to meet you, Troy!