Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Favorites Feb, 21 2010 - The Little White Church

It's Sunday and time for Sunday Favorites, where Chari, from Happy to Design allows participants to share an old blog post with readers, while still taking Sunday off, by reposting an old post.

Years ago, as an over the road truck driver, I collected a few thoughts and stories from my journeys and travels. In my Sunday Favorites posts, I am sharing some of those stories.

A couple of weeks ago, my Sunday Favorite was from Nebraska too. I got feedback from a couple of Nebraskans, maybe one of you knows the story behind the little white church.

The Little White Church

Along Interstate 80 in Nebraska, right by the side of the freeway stands a little old church and schoolhouse. I have passed them many times over the years, and for one reason or another have never been able to stop to investigate.

I know they have a story to tell. I wonder, who prayed there? Who got married there? Whose funeral was held there? What lives were touched by the lesson taught in Sunday services? What stories were told to the children who went to school in that one-room schoolhouse? Did they have to get up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and walk to get there, barefoot in the snow?

I keep promising myself that someday, I will stop and investigate the history of these two buildings. Someday, I will know.

I wonder if, years from now, someone will drive past the empty remnants marking my time on earth and wonder about me? Have I left any footprints? Have I made a mark on the earth? Will my life and my passing be an insignificant moment in time, like a dust cloud on the prairie? Or will something I leave behind stand, like a solemn reminder, of the life that I lived, the good and the bad times that I had, and the things that I saw?

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  1. Ya know that is a great thought!~ My husband and I are antique collectors...and so many things we buy I wish could tell me a story...I know there is one!~ We are making our own history with them, but I wonder if someday someone will ask the same thing...I really liked this post, thanks:)

  2. There is something very fascinating about little white churches - - - and if they are nestled among green hills, all the better!

  3. I had a path that I drove for years that took me past a little white church and I always wondered about it. I love how you have put those thoughts into words.

  4. Although I never go in them I find churches to be beautiful and interesting buildings. I think the older ones would make a beautiful coffee table book.

  5. Hi Troy... you have me wondering! Where on I-80 is this little white church and school? I believe that I told you in but I am only a few miles from the Nebraska border and have traveled across Ne. on I-80 many a time! I always find these old churches of interest also. I'm sure there are many, many stories...happy and sad...that they could tell.

    I'm so glad that you chose this post to share with us for Sunday Favorites, my friend! It is a very "thought provoking" post! I often wonder the same thing...and hope that I have made some impact on others! It's such a sad think of an entire life being lost or forgotten about...don't you think?

    Have a super Sunday, Troy and thank you again for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  6. I still remember a little ( and I do mean LITTLE) church on the windward side of Aruba. There was NOTHING and then this cute little church. What is it about them? I don't remember anything else about that dingy island.

  7. Hi Troy...I linked up, I love trivia! 1 Billion dollars, and he can't ********************* well you can only imagine would I said! Fun info here, and hey I like the tie too!!~