Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm cLucky

I like to read blogs about a lot of different things. Some posts bring back memories of the past, and some inspire dreams of the future. Some just help me be content with the present.

But any time I see a blog that highlights farms, or cows & chickens, it gets my attention. My grandparents were dairy farmers, and tales of cows and chickens bring back memories of feeding calves with my Grandpa, or gathering eggs with my Grandma.

So I've enjoyed reading Classy Chassy's (Monica's) blog Expressly Corgi which, despite the name is about more than dogs. In fact, her chickens play a prominent role, and since about half of my blog reading is done with a nosy... er... curious 2 year old sitting on my lap, I get to spend more time reading any blogs that have pictures of animals.

So, I was reading Monica's blog recently and discovered she was having a giveaway to celebrate her one year blogaversary. I don't enter every giveaway I see, a lot of the things are just too "girly" for me, but in this case, she cleverly did not disclose the prize, so I figured, "What the heck?" and I threw my name in the hat.

When her Hen, Cleopatra, pecked the winner, it was not me.

In fact, you can read all about the prize that was given, and Meme, the sweet lady who won it right here.

So I was surprised when I got a note from Monica informing me that as the only Male entrant in her contest I was getting a consolation prize.

She sent me the coolest book:

Old Recipes From Family Farms with historical notes,
by Linda D. Wolfe, published by Bear Wallow Books.

This book is filled with hearty sounding recipes, appropriate for feeding hungry farmers, and also with a bunch of fun historical information.

When Diann and I were traveling over the road, me as a truck driver, and her as a truck passenger, we used to love to pick up these kinds of books all over the country. We would read them and enjoy them, try a few fun recipes and then pass them on to my mom, who also really enjoys reading them.

So, as soon as I opened it, we started reading some interesting things.

Like the role of women in the pioneer farm household:

Wow! Women didn't have it any easier back then than they do today, did they?

And the meaning of being a neighbor:

I'd bet that Cleopatra was shocked when she read the first recipe in the book:

I can't wait to try some of the recipes. It's a great book, filled with fun facts, and great illustrations.

So, Thank you Monica, and Cleopatra, for such a fun prize!

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  1. Now wasn't that sweet of her? That does look like an interesting book. Now did that really say from Indiana in 1983?

    Whew! Went back and read that again! I was thinking that doesn't sound like anything I read in 1983. :)

    Enjoy your prize!

  2. that is a super gift! hardly to be considered a consolation, at all :)
    well...hmmm ok, you are invited to our farm! lol...the zoo awaits you...
    at present, we are without hogs...but we have all the other standard fare!

  3. AWWW that was very nice of her to send you that cookbook. I love local recipe books.

  4. Very cool book! From one tightwad to another, I'm glad to meet you.
    The only animals in my home are the two legged kind...there are five.
    If you count the Mr and I it's seven!

  5. Hey that was very cool Monica to send you such a great consolation prize - and I loved the reason! Looks like a man in blogland can make out like a bandit : )

  6. I love homemaking books! That excerpt on all that farm wives were expected to do was eye-opening.Makes my 2 loads of laundry waiting look a little less formidible!

  7. That's the book that I like to give to those young ladies and girls now a days. So they knew how important family and even neighbors are. Love your book thanks for sharing!

    RRT: Fuji

  8. Wow, that's awesome! How appropriate for you! Enjoy it to the fullest!

  9. I hope you try some of those recipes! I liked the pictures and all the info it provided in the pages of that booklet, myself, so know you will enjoy it. Bloggie Blessings to you!

  10. That looks like a great book, full of recipes and stories! I really like books like this, because I secretly want to raise a few chickens!
    Happy REDnesday!

  11. Way to go Troy! That gift was just for you. How fun...now if no one puts up anything that interests you, just grab your cool new book for a giggle.

  12. What a fun and interesting post! Monica is one of my regular blogs that I read daily so it was a hoot to see that she sent you a cook book. She's a neat gal, and very lively and full of common sense. I like your subject matter here, will be back to read more!

  13. Well, Monica and Corgigodmama - she is thinking about quitting her blog :( - are both wonderful, fantastic, and sweet women. They will do anything for you. How sweet is it that Monica send you a consolation prize since you were the only male - good for you too.

    Blogs are fun. You meet a lot of wonderful people and learn lots of cool things.

    That book for one, looks interesting -

  14. Congratulations!A very cool book !

  15. Thanks for sharing that. I love reading about farm life. Linda

  16. This looks like such a fun book! Even though I already have bookshelves bulging with cookbooks, I can't help but be intrigued when I come across some of the older ones. I just picked up two at the library book sale: one on cooking for pyromaniacs (it's got recipes for all kinds of stuff where you heat up rum, etc., and pour it over the dish, lighting it afire); and another written by Jackie Kennedy's personal chef from her White House days. I can't wait to get into them! Your book here looked fascinating. Loved the description of the farm wife.

    Thanks, too, for stopping by my blog and sharing all the good info about how to balance a too-sweet soup. You sound like you really know your way around the kitchen. Great information, and I can't wait to put it into use.