Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Troy's Tuesday Tie Trivia #2 -- Going Nuts

Welcome to Troy’s Tuesday Tie Trivia. This feature was inspired by an incredible deal I got on ties at a local indoor flea market.

You can read all about it here.

My first featured tie is one of my favorites, in fact the first one that caught my eye when I walked past the stand.

Officially called “Going Nuts” this tie was designed by Vicky Davis of New York. It features a Crescent Wrench and a nut/bolt, on a vivid red background. Vicky Davis Ties are made in the USA and are 100% silk. You can see lots of other Vicky Davis patterns here.

From the front the nut/bolt looks like a tie tac. But it’s actually just an ornamental rivet.

My pictures show not only my tie, but my cool pliers tie bar that Diann got me for Christmas.
Those that follow her blog may remember seeing her talk about it here.

And for those who can’t help but notice the wrinkles in the shirt, I am not actually wearing this shirt. It is one that has not been ironed, I just grabbed it as a backdrop for the tie.

So, that is my "Going Nuts" Tie, the first tie featured in the Troy's Tuesday Tie Trivia series.

And now for some basic “wrench” trivia.

*A wrench is a tool made for tightening or loosening bolts, nuts or anything that needs to turn. Solymon Merrick patented the first wrench in 1835.

*Charles Moncky invented the monkey wrench around 1858.

*Crescent wrench is actually a brand name for an adjustable wrench which features a sliding jaw. The Crescent Tool Company’s version was so widely used that it became the common name of the tool for many situations.

*When someone twists a knee, ankle wrist or shoulder, suddenly and violently, resulting in a sprain, it is often said that they “wrenched” that particular joint.

Because this tie is red, I will be joining a couple of "Red" blog parties this week. Please stop by there and see lots of other red things.

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I'm also joining Color Carnival.


  1. oh that tie is ingenius & the tie pin, love it!

    thanks for visiting it's been a very relaxing Australia Day :)

  2. Hi Troy,
    I LOVE the tie and the tie bar!
    I've scrolled down and enjoyed my visit with you.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment about my little grandbaby. I'm happy she made you smile. :)

  3. You are so full of information - I just love it! And I love that tie and your tie bar is totally cool. Thanks for sharing. B : )

  4. That tie rocks! I love that you have a matching tie bar.

  5. What a fabulous tie! I totally love it.

  6. These shots made me smile. well-found!

  7. Super looking tie! And I loved the tie trivia - am going to send the link to this post to my sister in law! She's gonna love it!

  8. I love your picture header. I could smell the scent from different herbs ^_^

    Fish minus chips

  9. man...this is fun!!! I love that...ties are often way too stuffy!!!
    my son has to wear ties to hockey this year...for the games...I might have to find some that are not so boring for him!!!
    have a good one...see ya Friday!!!

  10. The silk tie as a mechanical device - who'd have thunk! Pliers are a useful tool, wrenches too. We don't think of tie wearers as mechanical in nature, but the tie and clip say otherwise!

  11. This tie could make any man jealous. It's top quality and very manly at the same time.
    My wrench man sure could need a similar.
    I also like the way you care about your herb garden. Herb cultivating is my favorite garden work. Just now I'm worried about my sage. We've had frost for 6 weeks, and I am not sure it can take it. Nor my lavender plants for that sake.
    And the weather forecast is not too promising.

  12. What a great post - and great color too! Thanks for playing along on Color Carnival! :-)

  13. Super tie ... great post!
    Happy REDnesday!
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  14. Came here via ABC Wednesday and stayed to look around a little.

    I love your tie and tie clip - and the site you linked to is fascinating. What gorgeous ties! And you know, I always wondered why that particular tool was called a 'monkey' wrench and now I know. It's Moncky, not 'monkey', and so I shall tell people whenever I get the chance!

    You have an interesting blog. I'll be back! :)

  15. What an original tie bar and nice tie too.
    Great post and beautiful blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. I say, if you men have to wear ties, make them fun ones! That is one great tie, and so is the tie bar. I enjoyed reading your story on the sidebar there. Welcome to the world of frugality! Can't wait to read more about your herb garden. We haven't seen the sun in 8 days, so I need a little sunshine in my life!
    Happy REDnesday!
    P.S. Can't wait to pass on the "monckywrench" info to my hubby!

  17. Welcome to Rednesday, Troy! The necktie and clip are awesome! I had a very conservative, but fun-loving, uncle (now deceased) who always wore the craziest ties to church on Sundays. Everyone looked forward to seeing Al each week!

  18. Great Red tie .
    Happy Rednesday !