Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Look, Same Old Me.

As we turned the corner into a new year, and looked forward to what the future holds, I thought it was time to dress my blog up a little.

When I first set it up, I just used the first template I came across that didn't look "girly".

But after several hints that it looked bare and boring, I decided to give it some life.

I have never really been an extremist, I tend to stay pretty close to the middle of the road on most issues, so although I'm not a member of the Sierra Club, Greenpeace or Save the Polar Bears, I try to do my little part, in my own obscure way, to be environmentally friendly.

We don't have a big recycling bin, but we reuse what we can, and recycle where it is practical. We just started composting, and we are making an effort to reduce our contribution to the landfill.

Our garden was grown without the addition of any chemicals last year, and we had good enough results that I see no reason to change that this year.

So, in our own little way, we have become a little more "Green."

So, in that spirit, I added my picture collage in my blog header, and changed my colors to reflect our "Green-ness"

The pictures in my header are all of our 2009 garden in various stages. My lovely and talented wife created the mosaic for me. (Thanks sweetheart!)

But under all this green exterior, I'm still just me.

Let me know what you think.


  1. WOW - great mosaic - and a nice new look! Much better!!

  2. I like your header picute too. It's very neat.
    And I think if everyone on the planet did "[their] little part, in [their] obscure way", the organizations like Save The Polar Bears probably wouldn't be needed. So thank you for doing your part and encouraging others to do the same.