Friday, January 1, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

I recently discovered a weekly blog party called Fertilizer Friday. A fun weekly gathering of gardeners who share their gardening experiences, their triumphs and "learning experiences".

This is a chance for those with green thumbs to show off their pictures, and those without to learn and gather information.

My garden is currently sleeping peacefully, but I checked with Tootsie, the gracious hostess of Fertilizer Friday, and she said that she had relaxed the rules for the winter, and was allowing some reposts, some indoor plants and other variations as long as they keep to the theme.

So on that note I am going to be joining Tootsie Time each Friday for Fertilizer Friday.

I find it appropriate that fertilizer is so often recycled matter, and I will be joining this party initially by recycling some of my posts.

Starting next Friday, I will be revisiting some of my Herb of the Week posts. I will edit for typos, and add any information that has come to me since they were written.

So, watch each Friday, for my Fertilizer Friday posts. I am looking forward, with great anticipation, to the coming of spring, when I can start to post about my new garden, rather than rehashing the old one.


  1. I look forward to your posts. Linda

  2. Troy, I am glad you are no longer in that hospital bed! It is such a pleasure to watch the wildlife around our house. How many deer, squirrel and bird pictures can one person take?

    I am enjoying my indoor plants during this very cold winter in Virginia. My one sunny widow with a good sill is accommodating blooming plants.I can look at the blooms then look up and see the birds at the feeder.

    Thanks for visiting Porch Days.