Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ABC Wednesday Challenge - A

I recently was introduced to a new blog party, ABC Wednesday, a fun project now in it's third year and beginning round six.

Beginning today, with the letter "A" we will work our way through the alphabet, featuring a new letter each week in alphabetical order. The founders of this party have already completed 5 cycles through the alphabet.

With my current focus on ties, and my underlying focus on herbs, I wasn't sure which way to go.

I thought perhaps I could make an ASCOT, out of ANISE, ALFALFA and ALOE VERA, it would be very AVANT-GARDE but I wasn't quite sure if I would have an ALLERGIC reaction. That would be AWFUL.


The rules of ABC Wednesday are fairly liberal, so in keeping with my themes, here is how an ascot covered with the aforementioned aromatic herbs may appear:


On second thought, maybe I'll just stick with a brief description of each:

Ascot: A formal narrow neckband or necktie with wide wings, traditionally made of silk.

Anise: A flowering herb native to the Mediterranean, known for its' distinct flavor which resembles licorice.

Alfalfa: A flowering plant in the pea family, grown largely as forage for animals, but eaten by humans because of its' high protein content.

Aloe Vera: A succulent, grown indoors, or in arid climates, valued for its' medicinal qualities.

So, on that note, that finishes my "A" post.

Check back next Wednesday to see what I can do with the letter "B"!


  1. Now that's an interesting tie.

    I'm now part of ABC Wednesday Team.

  2. I like the synchronisity of the anise and the ascot embroidery.

  3. I love the green motif. And aloe is quite soothing.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, which I just joined, thank you!

  4. Very creative! :)

  5. Love your clever and original post for the letter A. I'm glad you have joined our merry band of bloggers.
    Thanks for your comments on my post and I do agree that affirmations from those I love are the very best kinds to get.

  6. I'm sure it would be decorative at an exhibition, but I'm not quite sure that I would have worn one :-)