Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is a cool idea!

I have seen a lot of different holiday decorating ideas this year. Most of them involved either pipe cleaners, glitter and elmers glue, or yards of silk, piles of floral foam and artificial greenery, ribbons and bows by the bushel and truckloads of glassware.

I really like the latter, but have barely the artistic flair to pull off a weak version of the former, so mostly, I elect to do neither.

But I came across this one today, (OK, my wife showed it to me) and I was impressed.

A Stacked Wood Fireplace Mantel

Here is something simple in concept, yet complex in appearance, inexpensive, subtle yet elegant, and still within reason, something I could make.

You can read all about it at a fun blog called Small Notebook For a Simple Home written by Rachel, from Texas.

I spent quite a while reading past blog entries. What a cool idea and what a cool blog!


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