Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Looking for Herbs

OK, I have now officially exhausted all of the herbs that we had in our garden this year with the exception of chammomile, and I'm not sure how to address it. It seems there are many different plants, of all different varieties and and complete different families that are all called chamomile.

So I'm not sure which one to research. I think I'm going to let that one go and see what happens next year. If it grows in our garden, I will research the particular type that we are growing and write about that one. If it doesn't, I'll firure out which one seems most popular and go from there.

In the meantime, I am out of herbs to write about. Diann has a few that she wants us to try growing in the next year or two, so I will be exploring those a bit, but I am wide open to suggestions.

Is there an herb that you have always wondered about? One that you wanted to grow, but weren't sure? Or maybe one you grew, but didn't know how to use?

I have had soo much fun over the last four months, researching a different herb each week, that I hate to stop now, so I am sending out a call for herbs.

Let me know what herbs you want to read about.

I'll give em my best shot.


  1. Troy

    I'd like to know what is the difference between winter and summer savory. I have some growing in my garden but I don't know which it is.


  2. I'm decieded to look in my herb stuff -
    some of the herbs they talked about that I think might be interesting are hyssops, bay, bee balm or bergamot, Eucalyptus (although I think it stinks), and did you ever hear one called Soapwart or Saponaria officinalis? But any you talk about should be interesting. I haven't got over the expolsive Epazote yet.

  3. Jane, I recently had that same question myself, as I have two completely different herbs in my garden, both sold to me as "Winter Savory" I definitely need to do more research on that one.

    Vickie, I have actually started initial research on hyssops already, so I should be able to write about that one in a week or two, and all of the worts. Mugwort, Bearwort, Soapwort, St. Johns Wort, and all the others have always fascinated me just because of their names.

    Thanks for the ideas, both of you!

  4. How about borage, burnet, chervil. I don't want to see your posts stop. I enjoy them too much. Linda

  5. I put them on the list Linda!

  6. Troy,
    I know bone meal is not a herb -but I still think you should do a post on it. It would be a interesting read for sure!