Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Outdoor critter envy

Everyone always posts these long posts filled with all the cool pictures of all the wildlife they have in their own garden.

Some people take such good pictures they even manage to make the bugs in their garden look exotic. Other people seem to have flocks of multicolored birds waiting in line outside for a chance to pose for their cameras. Everyone but me has a yard full of wildlife and posts pictures from time to time.

It's not that I don't see critters. Every night about midnight there a couple of deer that come out of the wildlife refuge across the road, and look at our front door. If only I could figure out a way to take a picture in the dark from 50 yards away.

And at least once a week, we see a skunk prowling around when we take out the trash, but I have no desire to startle a skunk with a flash to see how they react.

And the squirrels and woodchucks and other critters always seem to run and hide whenever they see a camera.

So, yesterday, When I saw this little guy, and I had my camera in my hand anyway, I figured I better take the picture while I could.

So, it wasn't in my yard, but here is my "backyard wildlife" picture.


  1. Troy,
    I love it! The other day a neighbor told us about two deer just walking down the road in the early morning like they owned the street - where was I-blogging!

  2. I saw one of those critters earlier this week - he was running across my garage floor as I opened the door. I did run, but NOT to get my camera!

  3. What's he doing? Sleeping? I have a phobia of those "critters" , but I admit it looks cute in pictures.


  4. Aw shucks, he just looked so cuddly there, I wanted to pick him up and snuggle him.

    It was our first day of sunshine in about a week, and I think he was mostly just trying to get warm.

    Mice are always cuter in somebody elses yard.

    (Wow, that sounds like a proverb)