Saturday, October 3, 2009

Herbs for new Moms.

I am always looking for new information about herbs. How to use them, how to grow them, new herbs I have never heard of, and new uses for the ones I have.

We have been having so much fun, expanding our herb garden, and exploring new herbs.

So when I read that Stephanie, at Keeper of the Home was planning one year exploration of herbs, it caught my eye.

She intends to explore a new herb each month, with emphasis on the health benefits, and how that herb can contribute to a more healthy natural lifestyle.

Her first article in this series which you can read By Clicking Here is an exploration of a tea specifically formulated for mental health for new moms.

I daresay that, although the intent is to treat post-partum depression, old moms, future moms, and even a few dads could also benefit from the soothing effects.

I'll be keeping an eye on Stephanie's blog to see what she posts next.

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  1. Troy,
    Now that is going to be interesting too. Bat may have to just help me make a new herb garden for all these herbs I'm finding out about.