Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thrifty Groceries

I was raised in a lifestyle that bordered between frugal and broke. My mom seldom bought something unless it was on sale, she used coupons wherever she could, and she stretched her grocery dollar as far as she could.

It was, therefore, very reassuring when I learned that my wife had those same skills and philosophies. She can go to the store with five dollars and a bag of returnable bottles and come home with enough groceries to cook dinner for a week.

In today's economy, making that grocery dollar perform for all its worth is especially important.

Diann, over at The Thrifty Groove, covers this topic on a regular basis, but she's taking it one step further this week. She is not only telling how to get a whole bunch of groceries at Kroger, for only $30, but for one lucky reader of her blog she will be giving them the $30 to do it with.

If there is a Kroger in your area, click here, register to win a $30 Kroger shopping spree!


  1. I'm up for the challenge, unfortunately there are no Krogers nearby. Your wife and mom sounds like my kind of person! Hope you find a nice blog name, although I thought your original title was pretty clever!


  2. I did't realize you were a man. lol. I like your name, but your label "All About Herbs" would be appropriate althought there probably are other blogs with that name. Linda