Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've been out of the loop

My apologies, I haven't posted on my blog now for a couple of weeks.

We took an extended holiday to celebrate the Fourth of July, and ended up out of internet range for about 10 days.

It was great to get away, but it's good to be home.

My "All About Herbs" series will pick up again this week. Watch for it!



  1. Welcome back! I look forward to hearing more about what to do with herbs. Especially an overabundance of parsley. Got any ideas?

  2. Hi Jane,

    Some things about parsley that many people don't realize:
    Besides being a beautiful garnish and adding color, Parsley is an excellent source of Vitamins A,C,E, calcium and Iron. Eat it fresh in salads, or eat a sprig after a meal to help freshen your breath.

    Parsley works in most dishes, to blend flavors. It will help tone down the harsh flavors like Garlic or Red Pepper flakes, and will help to acent the softer subtle flavors.

    Use it generously and liberally in any dish containing potatoes or fish, and of course anything with Garlic or onions in it.

    It is the primary herb in most Greek and Middle Eastern Cooking as it will add some life to Hummus, Bulgar, and other foods that have more subtle flavors.

    Finally, it can be dried of frozen. Dried parsley is easiets to make, store and use. Frozen parsley retains more flavor.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Thanks for the info Troy! I didn't realize it toned down garlic. I sure will be using that advise! Also, that freezing parsley sounds more like the route I need to go. Also, thanks for the info about the socks. My son has a mild form of autism that effects his social skills (like the importance of wearing matching socks so you don't look like a goof). This would be ideal for him!