Monday, June 1, 2009

Oregano Harvest

The Oregano was such a pretty plant, that I almost hated to cut it down. I had to keep telling myself it would grow back.
There seems no point in growing herbs if you aren't going to use them, but is was such a shame to just chop it all down like that.
I got about six pounds of stems and leaves.
I plucked four colanders of the leaves off, and ground them into a paste that I froze in ice cube trays. Four colanders made one ice cube tray full of paste. This can be a long tedious process, and I suggest that when you start harvesting herbs and plucking leaves that you get someone to help you and sit and talk and pluck. It will make the job seem less tedious.
I saved a big bag of fresh oregano for us to cook with and I gave some away. So I guess that makes it a successful harvest.

For more information on Oregano, make sure and read my All About Herbs entry on Oregano.


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