Friday, May 29, 2009

All About Herbs

Herbs are fun to grow. They are hardy plants that, once established, are relatively low maintenance. A carefully selected herb garden will make you feel like a gardener, and still give you the freedom to spend as much, or as little, time as you want working in your garden.

But, although I admit, the fun of playing in the garden, and the escapism and relaxation I get from it are important to me, the value of an herb garden goes well beyond that.

We have 20 herbs in our garden this year, if you count the three varieties of basil, and the three varieties of mint each as different herbs. To write a post that extols the virtues of each and every herb, would not only take me weeks to write, but would be so long and tedious that nobody would read it, so I want to take them one at a time.

Some of our herbs have been in our garden now for almost 10 years, while others made their first appearance this year, but in putting together facts and information for this blog, I have learned new and interesting things that I didn't know about each one. I hope some of the information can be useful to someone else.

So I would like to introduce a regular feature of this blog that I am calling simply: All About Herbs.

I weighed the options of writing daily "quickie" herb reviews against an in depth weekly review, and decided that I would pick one herb each week. Watch this blog on a weekly basis for "All you ever wanted to know about herbs, but were afraid to ask."


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