Monday, January 18, 2010

Introducing Troy's Tuesday Tie Trivia

It may come as a shock to most of you, but I have some odd and quirky traits. Among them, I actually enjoy wearing a tie.

I take advantage of every opportunity I get to dress up a little and put on a tie, even if we are just going to a family members' house for dinner.

One of my goals in life is to get a job where I can wear a tie to work every day.

So, over the years, Diann has helped me accumulate a decent collection of ties.

Now, I don't mind wearing a conservative tie, if the occasion calls for it, but I really like "fun" ties. A splash of color livens up the day, and every time I see my tie, it makes me smile. Besides that, it will often make others smile, and I like knowing that in such a simple way, I can bring a smile to other people's faces.

So I have a few conservative ties, but most of the ties I have are fun.

Recently Diann and I visited what can best be described as a giant indoor junk sale. I think that some people call them flea markets, but it boils down to rows and rows of merchants with booths and tables selling junk.

Well, they say that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Diann found quite a few treasures, and to be honest, I found some myself.

One merchant, way back on the back wall had a revolving rack of novelty ties. The signs said $4 each or 3/$10. Not a bad price for ties, I must admit. Nothing to write home to Grandma about, but there were some I really liked, so I stopped and was looking at the rack. I settled on 4 ties I liked and was going to ask him what kind of deal he wanted to make me on 4, when the guy saw me over looking at his ties and called out to me: "Those are half off today".

Ok, now we were getting somewhere. I liked that price much better, but now I had to choose two more. (I hadn't actually picked anything up yet, I was just turning the rack and looking at them.)

I kept looking at the rack and apparently he took that as reluctance, because he said: "I'll give you everything there for $10."

Ok, he'd talked me into it. With my pocket $10 lighter, I left his booth with a bag full of ties. I counted them when I got home and there were 27 of them, so it worked out to just under 38 cents each.

What a deal, and what a fun collection of ties.

A few of them never made it home. We stopped at Diann's parents house on the way home, and some of the ties conveniently stayed there, but I made it home with most of them.

They didn't all fit in one picture.

I was excited about my bargain, and excited about my new ties, and wanted to show them all off. But I wasn't sure anyone wanted to scroll through an endless blog post filled with pictures of ties. I know I have a relatively short attention span when it comes to those kind of things, so I assume that others do as well.

So, I set my mind to workin', (This is the part where Diann always says, "Uh-Oh!"), and I came up with a plan.

I therefore want to introduce a new weekly feature of my blog that I will call:
Troy's Tuesday Tie Trivia.

Each and every Tuesday, until I run out of ties, or trivia, I will post an article highlighting one of my ties, and exploring some related trivia.

Look for the first edition of Troy's Tuesday Tie Trivia starting this week, and then come back every Tuesday for more Tie Trivia.

I will be linking this introductory post to a few different blog parties, then each week, I may or may not join various blog parties as appropriate.

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  1. I like the one with martini; looks really cool. Looking forward to your tie trivia :-)

  2. I figure when you get tired of them, I will sew them all together and make place mats or a table runner.


  3. I love all the ties and your Tuesday Tie Trivia idea. You got one major bargain with the ties..
    I found my way here from The Thrifty Home and like what I've I've signed up to become a follower. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog..

  4. The bow ties bring back memories. My Dad wore them for years!

  5. 27 ties for $10.00 - That is too funny!! I love the ties and I too, love a bargain.

    When you get that "tie" job, you won't have to repeat a tie for over a month!!! That's better than a teenage girls wardrobe odds!!

  6. I love them all. And when you get tired of them Diann can also make pillows out of them, they make really cute pillows. What a great bargain.

  7. You should go to my post about what to do with ties! Any woman would love to get a hold of your collection!!!

  8. What a fun assortment of ties! My favorite is the Grinch...
    Have a great weekend.

  9. I think I like the Green Eggs and Ham tie the best!

  10. I am so happy to have a man link up to my Penny Pinching Party. 38 cents for a tie is a great deal and you have some pretty fun looking ones too. I would have probably made a vest or bag out of them, but I like your tie trivia idea better. I'll be featuring you on Wednesday at my Penny Pinching Party.

  11. About 25 years ago I made a crazy quilt out of old ties. The wide polyester ties of the 1970s had a lot of elaborate patterns and a good amount of material. I even bought more ties after I finished the quilt--they are now quite wrinkled from being stuffed in a bag for years.

    I also have a book "Fit to Be Tied-Vintage Ties of the Forties & Early Fifties."